Name: Hon. Larry P. Younquoi

Place of Birth: Gipo Township,Nimba County, Republic of Liberia

Marital Status: Married; marriage blessed with two children (Girls)

Religious Affiliation: Christian




1988:  Master of Arts degree; University of  Ghana, Accra, Ghana; Specialized in Population Studies (Population & Development Interrelationship)


1986:  Bachelor of Science Degree (Economics with minor in Demography); University of Liberia


1980:  High School Diploma/Certificate St. Mary's High School Sanniquellie, Nimba County, R/L


Others:  Holds numerous certificates in various disciplines through shorter courses and seminars.




 Presently (2012) Member of the House of Representatives Representing District # 8, Nimba County, Republic of Liberia Between 2012-2014, he served as Chairman of the House Standing Committee on Planning & Economic Affairs; member of the House Standing Committee on Banking and Currency and Good Governances and Government Reform. He has since been as Interim serving as Interim Chairman of the Liberian Parliamentary Forum for Population and Development. This Portfolio has enabled him to lead Liberian Legislative Delegations to several International Forums, including


Addis Ababa; Abidjan and Sweden.


Currently at the House of Representatives, he serves as Chairman of the Committee on Good Governance and Government Reform; Co-chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations and member of the committee on Ways Means and Finance. Through these, he has been elevated to the leadership of the House of Representatives Prior to his ascendency to the House of Representatives,


2000-2011: He held numerous positions at the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affair, especially at the Secretariat of the National Population Commission (Senior Economist and Coordinator of Population Policy Coordination Unit,


2009-2011), Director (2006-2008)and Senior Research


Officer (2000-2008). While at the Planning Ministry, he led the technical team of demographers that prepared the retrospective analysis of Liberia demography for the vision 2030 exercise being carried out by the Government.


1988-1990:Assistant Evaluation Officer, Family Planning Association of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia. He also Served as National Supply Officer in 1998 before taking An assignment with the UNV in Eritrea as a UNV Demographer


1991-1992:National Research Specialist; MSF-Belgium, Ganta, Nimba County during the height of the civil war. His work enabled partners to Identify critical needy areas. He did this through a Nutritional Survey which he supervised. He did this through a Nutritional Survey he supervised.


1992:  County coordinator, Liberians United to Serve Humanity (LUSH); Ganta, Nimba County. He used this position to attract humanitarian assistance to the county.


1993-1995:  Served LUSH at the central office in Gbarnga in the Capacities of Deputy Warehouse Manager, Data Processing Officer and Planning & Monitoring Officer. During this period, he provided consultancies to numerous humanitarian and non-governmental organizations, including the Zao Development Council (ZADC), YWCA; Christian Association of Liberia (CAB); Lutheran World service (LWS), etc.


Professional work and Academia2010 - Present: Vice president; Population Association of Liberia (PAL). This is a body comprising Liberian Demographers and Statisticians aimed at promoting the population discipline in the country.


2008-2009:Secretary- General; Population Association of Liberia (PAL).


2001-2005:Instructor at the Department of Integrated Rural Development at the Cuttington University, Bong County. He also lectured Economics at the AME University on Camp Johnson Road, Monrovia, Liberia (2004).


Political Experience 1997: Election Magistrate for Nimba County; National Chairman of the Liberty Party; Monrovia, Liberia.


2005: National chairman of the Liberty Party; Monrovia, Liberia




1999: UNV Demographer, Eritrea, East Africa;he served the Country as a UN Specialist on a project aimed at reconstructing the country after a protracted war with Ethiopia.

1999 UNV District Electoral Officer; East Timor, Asia during a referendum that led to the independence of East Timor from Indonesia.




He has travelled to more than ten (10) countries in Africa, including Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya and Djibouti. He has also visited the continents of Europe, Australia and Asia (Indonesia, East Timor, China), and the United States of America.


VII. Written Works:


He has written a number of articles and books on Population and Development in Liberia.


VIII. Advocacy


He is currently championing the cause for increased budgetary allotment for family planning and overall population programming as well as Reproductive Health and Rights in the National Legislature of Liberia. 2) As Chairman on Planning & Economic Affairs, he advocated for the appointment of a Minister of Planning & Economic Affairs, a position that had remained vacant for over two years since the inception of the second administration of the President in January 2012 and allowing the Minister of Finance to serve in dual capacities. He led the advocacy that ensured that the merger of the two Ministers did not unduly put employees of these entities at undue disadvantage. 3) He advocated for the existence of better working environment at the Cocopa Rubber Plantation in District # 8, Nimba County. To date, the Liberian Government has won the case of declaratory Judgment filed against the Management of the Company (Liberia Company-LIBCO) at the 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie. This verdict was subsequently upheld by the Supreme Court of Liberia thus giving right to the Government to repossess the farm. With this, the pace has been set for genuine investor to take over the farm through a competitive international bidding. He is advocating for transparency in the rubber sector of the land. He has proffered a bill that would nullify the Act that created the Rubber Planters Association of Liberia since said land been undermined by the existence of other laws such as the LRDA Act of 2004 and other laws currently with the Legislature.

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