Hon. Younquoi's Extensive District Tour Continues

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On Sunday, February 7, 2016, Hon Younquoi joined a cross-section of Youths of Lao and Zahn in the rehabilitation of the highway leading to Duo, Zahn Chiefdom, passing through Lao Chiefdom, from the Saclepea Highway (CNC junction) The piece of road, which is used as an access road to the railroad linking the Nimba Iron Ore Mines with the port city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, has always been maintained by concessions operating the Nimba Mines. But quite on the contrary, the current concession, Arcelor Mittal, has not been forthcoming with maintenance of the road despite the advocacy of the community and its leaders. In fact, this has led to Hon. Younquoi inviting the Director-General of the National Bureau of Concession on the road, including the Duo Bridge on the St. John River.

The said abandonment prompted the youths of the District, particularly Meinpea-Mah Administrative District), with assistance of some stakeholders of the district, to undertake the rehabilitation of the damaged portions of the road. One of such persons who extended assistance to the youths was Hon. Younquoi. During his visit to the site, he encouraged the youth to continue their venture in the interest of their people while he presses those concerned to take charge of their responsibility on the road. He further told the youth that if his on-going negotiation fails, the county yellow machines will be used to fix the road when they return from Zoe-Geh cutting next Dry  season