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Rep Younquoi Reconditions Ancestors' Graves
A member of the House of Representatives from Nimba County, Hon Larry Paye Younquoi has constructed and reconditioned the graves of four of his ancestors in Gipo Township, Nimba County in observance of this year’s Decoration Day.
  Decoration Day, also known as Memorial Day, is celebrated every second Wednesday of March.
   It is intended to commemorate departed loved ones.
   Hon. Younquoi, Nimba County Electoral District # 8 Representative said he decided to celebrate the holiday by reconditioning the grave of the late elder Johnny Gipo of the United Liberia Inland Church, who founded Dian Town in Gipo Township.
  He disclosed that since 1973, the first elder of the Inland Church’s grave is yet to be reconditioned.
  “I think it needs to be reconditioned,” he said, commenting on his (elder Gipo) contributions to his achievement.
   He disclosed that a tomb was also built over the remains of his late father, Younquoi Laikeh who was traditionally buried in 1972.
  Representative Younquoi explained that a grave was constructed over the remains of his maternal grandfather, Saye Gleatee who was also buried traditionally.  
  His maternal grandfather, Representative Younquoi recollected died in Bahn City, Zoe Geh District, while attending a church conference.
   According to him, his late mentor and senior brother John Tanaka’s grave was also reconditioned.
  John, a former banker graduated from Cuttington University in Bong County with distinction. His grave was in a deplorable condition.
  He was elder Johnny Gipo’s son, Representative Younquoi disclosed.
  Another person honored was Representative Younquoi’s sister-in-law, Grulie M. Younquoi who died during the heat of the Ebola crisis in October of other causes.
  Representative Younquoi indicted that due to the Ebola crisis she was not properly buried.
  “She was my late brother’s wife. She died in October, five months after the death of her husband’s Rev. Stanley,” Younquoi noted.
   He added that a memorial service has been organized in Dian Town, Gipo Township to offer prayers for all of his ancestors.
  The service, according to the Nimba County lawmaker would attract church leaders and members of their congregations.