Zao Township Gets Safe Drinking Water

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On Sunday, June 19, 2016, the people of Zao Township, Meinpea-Mah Administrative District, Nimba County District 8, were happy recipients of a hand pump intended to provide safe drinking water for them The sponsor of this project is Hon. Younquoi, who having launched a comprehensive assessment of the district during the first hundred days of his incumbency as Representative, discovered the lack of safe drinking water as  a major need of the people of the District. He has since launched a " safe drinking wafer" project in the district in response to this discovery.

The latest of his intervention is Zao, where most of the hand pumps provided by the Zao Development Council ( ZADC), while he was still with the entity during the height of the war, have gone into disrepair. Following his honoring program in Saclepea on Sunday, Hon. Younquoi accompanied his water team to the Township. Receiving the set of hand pump and the guests, an elder of the Township, Mr. Emmanuel Zigbarn, thanked the Honorable and team for the gesture and stared that the people of Zao will remember him for what he has done.