Hon. Younquoi Gives Meaning to "Agricultural Break"

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While on his two-week "Independence Break" in his district, Hon Younquoi oversaw the introduction of mechanized farming on his farm in Dian, Gipo Township He brought in Rice Technicians along with their equipment for tilling the soil for plowing of two hectares of swam for intensive rice production in the area. This is his own way of preparing for a productive Legislative Break, which is fondly ( albeit erroneously) referred to as an "Agricultural Break". The break spans from September to January of the following year, during which the time Legislature returns to the constituency for "quality time"  with them in order to keep abreast of the aspirations and problems of the latter.

This latest positive twist of event on the Younquoi farm is a deviation from his mainly cash crop-based production endeavor which has consumed much of his previous time. It is worth noting that he is cultivating nearly three hundred acres of land with Rubber, Cocoa, Oil Palm and other crops. With this diversification, he expressed hope that he would also lead to enhanced food security and community empowerment. Many are of the opinion that the latest effort is going to make his pending Legislative Annual Recess a real " Agricultural Break".


Hon. Younquoi's Statement at Gbahn School Dedication

On March 15, 2015, the dedication of the school annex constructed by Hon. Younquoi and the residents of Gbahn Town, Gbannah Chiefdom, took place.

Posted by Nimba County District #8 on Thursday, August 20, 2015
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