Hon. Younquoi Honored

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On Friday, October 7, 2016, a media and advocacy group known as MEDIA AGAINST REJECTION AND SEGREGATION ( MARS)" awarded Nimba County District Eight Representative, Hon. Larry P. Younquoi, a Certificate of Achievement for being an outstanding Lawmaker since his sojourn at the capital. The presentation took place at the honoree's Capitol Hill Office in the presence of Legislative Press Corps as well as other journalists from the larger society.

Accepting the honor, Hon. Younquoi express gratitude to the group and further stated that it was a pleasant surprise as he never had the slightest inkling of such an honor being bestowed upon him, not least by an organization whose existence he know nothing of. This is one of several accolades received by Hon. Younquoi from local and international organizations on account of his high quality stewardship at the Legislature.