Rep. Larry P. Younquoi, Chairman of the newly established Independent Legislative Caucus Deepened Crisis At Lower House

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In the wake of the ongoing acrimonious infighting at the House of Representatives, a group of aggrieved members have formed themselves into a group called the Independent Legislative Caucus.
According to the group’s Chair, Representative Larry P. Younquoi (UP, Nimba County District #8), the primary objective of the group is to bring about independence and credibility at the House of Representatives..
Rep. Younquoi asserted that the establishment of said group is not intended to fight against the interest of the Executive or a plan to remove Speaker Chambers, but to resurrect the legislature from its current state of partisanship. 
“This group is intended to bring back credibility and sanity to the House of Representatives as we have observed the House of Representatives has become partisan and we think this is wrong in the tripartite arrangement of our governing system,” he averred.
There have been increasing call for the removal of Speaker Chambers coming from both the House of Representatives and that of the public spheres.
Most of the Speaker’s colleagues have repeatedly expressed disappointment over his leadership style, citing his inability to preside and his lack of knowledge over legislative proceedings.
Addressing a press conference recently, the Executive Director of the Institute Research and Democratic Development (IREDD), Harold Aidoo expressed fear that the pattern of Separation of Power in the governance system of Liberia seems to be threatened by the Speaker’s close relationship with the Executive.
Aidoo claimed that the Speaker has ‘gone to bed’ with the Executive.
It can be recalled that following his election as Speaker, Rep. Chambers, in his first speech thanked President Weah for fulfilling his promise by making him the first among equals of the 54th Legislature, particularly the House of Representatives. Speaker Chambers in 2018 also traveled with the President abroad and was part of negotiations of several bilateral talks and concession agreements.