Cocopa Rubber Plantation Has A New Concession Agreement

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On Thursday,  May 9, 2019, the House of Representatives concurred with the Liberian Senate in rectifying a concession agreement that grants a 20-year Investment Package to  the Nimba Rubber Incorporated (NRI).to run the Cocopa Rubber Plantation. According  to the first agreement, NRI will invest $19.9 Million US Dollars on replacing the infrastructure as well as replanting and restructuring of the entire farm. The company is expected to revamp the educational,  health and recreational facilities of the plantation. NRI, headed by Hon. Harrison  S.  Karnwea, has been running the farm as a caretaker entity for a couple of years to date while awaiting the award of said agreement. 


 In addition,  the company agreed, off record, to turn over to the  community, the rentage fees  of the towers of the two GSM companies situated in Camp 1.

I want to use this forum to thank the government,  particularly the Nimba Legislative Caucus, for ensuring the passage of the agreement. If is our hope that the scrupulous implementation of this instrument will enable if to achieve it's intended objective.