The CNC Junction - Duo Highway Gets Rehabilitation Boost

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Rehabilitation works on the CNC Junction-Duo highway in Meinpea-Mah Administrative District in Electoral District 8, Nimba County,  have started. This is a quick impact project that I promised the people of Lao and Zahn people ( i.e  Meinpea-Mah) during my tour in that part of my District early this year. 

The aim of the project is to ensure that the road remains open to the public during the rainy season. This piece of road has been in bad shape for a considerable period of time and we decided this year to change the narrative. Thanks to some compatriots of the District at home and abroad, who are   contributing to the efforts which is being exerted by my office to bring much needed relief to our people. 
While in its second week,  the work still looks up to well wishers for their contribution to the efforts. During my four-day tour of the site recently,  I was met on arrival by Mr. Jefferson  Saye Gondah (immediate left), District Commissioner,  and Mr.  Saye Zarwolo (far left),  the Development Chairman of the  District. At his Bunadin headquarters in Bunadin recently,  Mr. Gondah shared with me some of his thoughts on the future of the District.