Hon. Younquoi Interevenes in Labor Unrest in Cocopa

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Following the Induction ceremony in Kpain Township, Hon Younquoi joined the Labor
Commissioner of Nimba, Mr. Itoka Quoi to intervene in the labor unrest that is engulfing the plantation in recent times The issues of concern border on delay in getting their salaries, lack of housing reform, lack of medical reform, poor working environment, etc. they claim that, since taking over the plantation as care taker , the Nimba Rubber Incorporated(NRI) has done little to assuage the problems they have been encountering on the farm even when it was in the hands of the Liberia Company(LIBCO). They threatened to lay downs their tools by May 6 instant if nothing is done to address their plights.

In response, Hon. Younquoi appealed to them to to remain calm as he has arranged a meeting with the President of the country on their plights. The meeting, which takes place on Monday, will include the two senators and the Co-chair of the Caucus. From the side of the Executive are the National Investment Commission, Justice Ministry, and head of the NRI, etc.

In conclusion, the workers promised to remain calm, still remained resolved to sent out a message, the the planned go-slow action. They ,however , constituted a committed to go to Monrovia to seek the possibility of making the Nimba delegation to the Mansion. I assured them that I would consult with the caucus on that.

The above photo show the President of the workers union, Sakpah Mah, Hon. Younquoi, the Lobar Commissioner for Nimba, Mr. Itoka Quoi, the MDGeneral Manager of NRI, Mr. Benjamin Saye, and the Administrative Manager, Mr. Joseph Kiepeeh.


Hon. Younquoi's Statement at Gbahn School Dedication

On March 15, 2015, the dedication of the school annex constructed by Hon. Younquoi and the residents of Gbahn Town, Gbannah Chiefdom, took place.

Posted by Nimba County District #8 on Thursday, August 20, 2015
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