Liberia's Dencentralizatiin Endeavor Gains Steam As Governance Commission & Partners Launch Revenue Sharing Formula

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On Wednesday,  May 15, 2019, the Governance Commission of Liberia had a day-long round table forum to reveal the outcome of a study she and her international partners recently launched in order to derive the best possible  REVENUE SHARING FORMULA for Liberia. Revenue decentralization, which revenues raised in a certain county will be shared between the central government and that county to enhance local development. It is interesting to note that the Local Government Law recently enacted calls for Decentralization  of political, economic and social services power for accelerated and equitable development. 

In order to render the law enforceable, a roadmap needs to me rolled out,  starting with putting into place necessary mechanisms for the achievement of the various components,  of which revenue sharing is no exception. In light of this, the GC recently hired the services of a veteran Public Administrator and a Governance specialist,  Cllr. Dr. Yarsuo Weh-Dolriae,  to come up with an ideal framework. 
At the launch of the report of the study recently at a local hotel in Monrovia, the GC invited key personalities from the Legislative, Diplomatic and Executive circles. I,  as Chair of the Governance Committee of the House, was invited,  while my counterpart at the Senate, Den.  Gbleh-bo Brown of Maryland was also invited. The report was launched by the Minister of Finance,  Samuel Tweah, while the Ministers of Internal Affairs (Varney Airhead) and Youth and Soorts (Zeogar Wilson) graced the occasion. 
The Senator and I gave supportive statements on behalf of our respective houses and stated our readiness to hell pass the final version into law. At the bottom,  Dr. Weh-Dorliae presents a Power point presentation of the findings.