Hon. Younquoi Addresses Youth Policy Dialogue

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On Tuesday, June 25; 2019, the NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development, in collaboration with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED),
held it’s third Youth Legislative Policy Dialogue at the Liberian Legislature. Giving the objective of the gathering, the Executive Director of NAYMOTE, Mr. Eddie Jarwolo, stated that the essence of the activity was to bring Lawmakers closer to their constituents. He further stated that the day’s deliberation was to have the young people understand the role of the Good Governance Committee and Impacts on Governance in Liberia- Prospect and Challenges.

To do justice to this topic, he said, the Chairmen of the committee of both the Senate ( Senator Gbleh-Bo Brown) and the House of Representatives ( your humble servant, myself) were chosen to serve as panelists. In our respective deliberations, we highlighted some of the challenges the Liberian Legislature was facing at the moment in dispensing good government to our people. For instance, we indicated that the partisan nature of the leadership of the Legislature has plummeted it’s independence and ability to provide checks and balances on the remaining two branches of the government. We, nevertheless, added that all was not lost; citing the existence of various youth advocacy groups; a vibrant press and various advocacy groups in the country.

Judging from what we gathered following the interactive session with the young people, who represented various Liberian youth groups, there was every indication that justice was done to the subject matter.