Hon. Younquoi and Speaker Chambers Address Open Government Forum

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On Wednesday, July 3, 2019, the Open Government Partnership Secretariat (OPG), in collaboration with the Legislative Information Service (LIS), commenced a two-day Legislative Engagement at the Capitol Building under the theme: “Advancing Transparency, Social, Political and Financial Accountability In Governance Process”. Speaker Bhofal Chambers and I were two Legislators who addressed participants of the forum on day one. Participants were primarily drawn from among Legislative staffers and those of the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism which hosts the Secretariat of OGP.

In his address, the Speaker recognized the indispensability of good governance, mainly as it relates to transparency, to the survival of a country. He, however, admonished the citizens to be mindful of the rights of others as they join the fight against grafts and bad governance as whole. He concluded by drilling the audience in some of the steps the Legislature, under his leadership, is taking to address the issue of transparency. He made particular mention of a staff audit he commissioned which is unearthing a number of “ghost names” at the House of Representatives.

On similar note, I defined good governance as any leadership style that is directly opposite bad governance. I further elaborated that when a process lacks transparency, social, politics and financial accountability, it is considered bad governance. Participants were also told that when rule of law cannot not be recognized by those entrusted with said responsibility, it is bad governance. Finally, I challenged participants to cultivate the culture of good governance in order to achieve the sustained growth and democratic maturity within our society. Another colleague of ours, with whom we shared the podium was Hon. Solomon Claudius George of Montserrado County District 7, who also attended in his capacity as the Chairman of Youth and Sports at the House of Representatives.  He admonished the young people to accentuate accountability and respect for the rule of law in all that they do.