Hon. Younquoi Tours Cocopa

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Following the closure of the Legislature for this year’s Independence Break, I spent a better part of said break in the district identifying with the people undertaking some of the activities that are of interest to them. Prior to the glamorous closing program of the Flumpa Public School, I was able to visit the Cocopa Rubber Plantation which located in the district; less that three miles from the district headquarters of Flumpa. This was the first visit of mine since the Legislature ratified the Concession Agreement granting the plantation to NIMBA REBBER INC. (NRI) for a 30-year period.

I was received on arrival by Mr. Condeh Newah (in red), Acting Administrative Manager of the company. Following a brief introductory talk at the office, I was taken on a tour of the plantation with special emphasis on the rubber processing factory under construction in Camp #1, where a team of Liberian Engineers have been organized to carry out the preliminary aspect of installing the machines. I was told that following the initial works, the Malaysian investors, who are partnering with NRI, would come into the country to, along with their Liberian counterparts, assemble the factory. I was also taken to the bud wood garden, which is being prepared in anticipation of the nursery that is to be made for the massive replanting ahead. The escorting team also took me to the site being cleared for the establishment of a rubber wood processing plant near Gbayblin.

Finally, I told the management team that I would return in due course to decide on when the surveying of the concession area would commence as enshrined in the Agreement. Having spoken with Hon. Harrison Karnwea, the CEO of NRI, I left the farm with the caveat that a follow-up visit would be made soon.