Hon. Younquoi Launches Cassava Harvest in Bunadin

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On Tuesday,  July  24, 2019, a day to my departure from the district to Monrovia for the official celebration of the Independence Day, I served as the Chief Launcher for the harvest of a large cassava farm planted by the District Commissioner of Meinpea-Mah, Hon. Jefferson Saye Gondah and his people on the compound of the District headquarters in Bunadin Town. Planted on about nine acres of land owned by the district, the cassava is poised to provide a substantial amount of money to the district for development purpose.

In his welcome statement, Hon. Gondah paid tribute to several women and men groups within the district who gave support during the planting and maintenance of the farm. Most representatives of these groups were present during the harvest. Among outsiders who attended and massively contributed to the harvest were: