Hon. Younquoi Celebrates National Flag Day in Flumpa; Fetes Gbannah People

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The 172nd celebration of Liberia’s Flag Day, which fell on Saturday, August 24, 2019, was officially commemorated nationwide on Monday, the 26th instant. It was, however, celebrated in grand style in Flumpa Headquarters on Saturday, August 24. The celebration in the District Headquarter was requested by me in order to appreciate the people of the Chiefdom for the strong support given during the 2017 Representative Elections. In furtherance of show of gratitude to my people, I used the occasion to entertain residents of the chiefdom, including Paramount; Clan; General Town and Town Chiefs. Other stakeholders, recognized during the celebration were Teachers, Midwives, Health workers, Crowd 50’ of Flumpa, Chiefdom Elders, Gbannah Motorcyclists, Christian Community, among others.

In an appreciation statement during a well attended in-door program held at the Flumpa Peace Hall, I assured them that I will not disappoint them as I strive to justify their confidence reposed in me. I outlined several development funds that have been identified in the National and County  budgets for district development. Among the development initiatives to be immediately funded  in the district are: the construction of Flumpa Commissioner Compound;  the Kpoahpa Town-hall; a market building in Karnwee; an Elementary School in Wehyepa on the Duo-Bunadin highway as well as an amount towards a financial aid program for students from the district.