Hon. Younquoi Lives by Example; Recognizes the Soil as a Bank

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During my recent visit at my farm in Dian Town, Gipo Township in District #8, Nimba County, I was pleased about the level of agricultural activities being carried out by caretakers and workers therein. In addition to the cultivation of several acres of rubber, oil palm and cocoa, on the 210-acre land owned by the Younquoi family  in the area, the production of RICE, the staple food of Liberia, is also being accentuated.

In a chat with technicians and workers at the low land rice field on the farm, I admonished them to pay attention to the production of food on the farm, as without food, the rest of the production is meaningless. Living by example, I have also encouraged residents of the town to engage in communal farming. Pursuant to this, he has encouraged the residents to use a large portion of the culturally possessed land in the town for the production of upland rice. To date, Gipo has the largest of the communal farm in the District, of not the county.

On my own farm, tilling the soil is being done manually since the use of Power Tilling  about three years ago to lay out the swap with technical assistance from technicians from the Gbedin Rice Production Estate on the Sanniquellie highway kn District #2. Like in previous case proceeds from this production will be used for seed multiplication and donation to the needy. All these point to the enhancement of FOOD SECURITY in the community.

In deed, my Agricultural Break, following the passage of this Fiscal Budget will actually be an AGRICULTURAL  BREAK.