Hon. Younquoi Inspires Liberian Youth on International Peace Day

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On Saturday, September 21, 2019, CAMP FOR PEACE-LIBERIA, a Liberian Civil Society Organization, joined the Liberian nation in celebrating the International Day of Peace. In furtherance of this, she hosted a one-day symposium aimed at reorienting  Liberia youths towards living in a sustainable peaceful environment. Various inspirational speakers, including me, were invited to help in the process by speaking on a number of youth-related topics during the symposium.

I spoke on the topic: 1) How  Can Youth Prevent Violent and Conflict?. Topics discussed by the rest of the speakers included 1)The Role of Youth in Promoting Effective Communication for a Peaceful Society; 2) Youths as Agents of Restorative Justice and Reconciliation and 3) How Can Youth Contribute to the Social - economic Development.

Pursuant to doing justice to my topic, I called on the youths to prevent conflicts and violence by being patient; tolerant; transparent; integrity-driven, firm and other virtues that are necessary for a peaceful community. My presentation was concluded with a Question and Answer session during which they sought clarifications on some of the issues expounded by me.