Lawmakers of Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Campaign for CPP Candidate in Cape Mount.

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As the bi-election for the the vacated Senatorial seat in Grand Cape Mount County draws near, some members of the Legislative Caucus of the Collaborating Political Parties have been adding their strength to the efforts of the Unity Party Candidate in the race, Mr. Dabba Mabandi Varpilah. The latest visit, led by the Political leader of the Liberty Party, Senator Nyomblee Karnga-Lawrence, in the county was also attended by three ANC Lawmakers in persons of Hons. Thomas Goshua, Yekeh Kolubah and myself, was one of the last ditch attempt aimed at retaining the seat for the opposition. Other lawmakers who attended the campaign tour on the fateful weekend of September 27-28, 2019, included Senator Abe Darius Dillon of Liberty Party and Representative Hansen Kiazolu of Unity Party.

The message of the CPP Caucus was that the electorates should vote for their future by voting the CPP Candidate as, by doing so, they would be signaling to the collaborating political parties that their efforts of galvanizing the opposition is being endorsed by them (the electorates). In addition, most of us who know the lady personally spoke if the industriousness of Ma Daba and how here election would be beneficial to the county.