American Lawmakers Interact with Their Liberian Counterparts.

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On October 8-9, 2019, a group of America Congressmen and women , under the banner  :The House Democracy Partnership (HDP), visited Liberia to hold talks with the Legislature, the Executive and civil society groupings. I was one two Nimba Lawmakers that formed part of the select group of Liberian Legislators which interacted with the Congress People. Following our meetings in the Chamber of the House of Representatives and break up sessions, I was further asked to appear on a Media outing  with our guests at the Monrovia YMCA. The said interactive forum brought together students, civil society actors, rights defenders, the press, etc. Headed by Rep David Price, the team’s interaction was very informative and deemed critical for reshaping the young people and human rights campaigners who inundated the Town Hall meeting. Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California, a black American woman stole the show as she motivated the Liberian women to boggle up as “winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win”.

In addition to my guidance role, was able to provide the foreign guests to elucidate the benefits of the partnership between them and Liberian Legislatures. They pointed to capacity building and budgetary support to the country as some of their success stories.