Nairobi Summit on Population Begins in Earnest I

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On  November 12, 2019, the opening ceremony of the Global Summit on Population and Development , Dubbed, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON POPULATION & DEVELOPMENT AT TWENTY-FIVE ( NAIROBI SUMMIT ON IPCD25), took place with captivating speeches from the Co-conveners of said biggest gathering of stakeholders on global population issues since the Cairo Conference in 1994. These co-conveners included the President of Kenya; the Secretary General of United Nations, represented by his Deputy; UNFPA Executive Director and the  Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Denmark, assisted by the Minister of Development Cooperation of said Kingdom.

There are about 7000 ( Seven Thousand) delegates and several thousands of observers from more than ninety ( 90) countries around the world. Among the were heads of states and governments; Legislators; Civil Society Organizations ; Youth and Women Activists and Advocates. Statements from these sponsors set the stage for what were to follow as several statements of support came from heads of states and government and a number of panel discussions as well as educational video on the subject matter. All pointed to what each actor was ding to achieve the goals of of ICPD within the lexicon of the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) comes 2030.

I was proud to be among the delegates, particularly among the 120 ( One hundred and twenty) Members of Parliament from more than 90 countries in attendance to deliberate on the Legislative perspectives of the endeavor.