Monday, 20th September 2021
By:Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail. Read

Tuesday, 17th August 2021
Day one of the conference went well. Read

Friday, 18th June 2021
Folks. Read

Tuesday, 25th May 2021
The reason I support the establishment of the War and Economic Court for Liberia is this: I have a national responsibility as Chairman of Governance and Government Reform at the House of Representatives. Read

Tuesday, 18th May 2021
Fellow compatriots, I will be a live GUEST of Julius Geh on the famous OK CONVERSATION tomorrow, May 18, 2021, at 5 PM to, among other issues, discuss the NECESSITIES OF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF WAR AND ECONOMIC COURT FOR LLIBERIA and the PROSPECT OF CPP HOLDING TOGETHER. Read

Tuesday, 18th May 2021
Please join me to congratulate my wife, Mrs. Read

Saturday, 15th May 2021
CPP GETTING STRONG In order to ensure that the CPP is capacitated to effectively and efficiently carry out it's role as an Opposition Block of consequence, capacity building remains top of it's agenda. Read

Saturday, 8th May 2021
On Saturday, May 8, 2021, Chiefs, Elders and Youth of Gbannah Chiefdom converged on the Younquoi Farm near Dian Town, Gipo Township, Nimba County District Eight, to grace the occasion marking the commissioning of a MOTORIZED OIL PALM PROCESSING MACHINE I recently purchased for the farm. Read

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021
Today, March 20, 2021, was the final day a conference on overcoming barriers to Justice in Liberia. Read

Monday, 22nd March 2021
CONFERENCE ON THE ESTABLISHMENT OF WAR AND ECONOMIC CRIMES COURT FOR LIBERIA RESUMES IN MONROVIA Friday, March 19, 2021, marked the Day one of a two-day Conference on the establishment of War and Economic for Liberia. Read

Saturday, 20th March 2021
The University of Liberia now offers Bachelor of Science in Statistics. Read

Saturday, 13th March 2021
While we were busy strategizing with stakeholders on developmental issues at our District headquarters of Flumpa over the weekend of March 13, 2021, staffers of our District in Monrovia decided to change the BILL BOARD depicting the existence of our District Office in the headquarter town. Read

Friday, 12th March 2021
Following the ground breaking ceremony on Friday, March 12, 2021, I hosted the chiefs, elders and other stakeholders of Leewehpea Administrative District to a major planning meeting on Sunday, the 14th instant, at the Flumpa Headquarters. Read

Friday, 12th March 2021
Friday, March12, 2021, was not only characterized by the launching of the Commissioner Compound Construction at Flumpa, it was also used to console some residents of the community who lost their love ones. Read

Saturday, 6th March 2021
A TRIUMPHANT EXIT IN DEED! The weekend of March 5-6, 2021, will be remembered by the Endee and Tucker families; same being the time that they bided farewell to their Mother, Aunt, Sister, Sister-in- law, Mother-in-Law, Mrs. Read

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021
March 3, 2021, was the climax of the 101st Commencement Convocation of the University of Liberia during which time 3,312 students graduated. Read

Monday, 1st March 2021
On Saturday, February 27, 2021, the Nimba County branch of the ANC held a reconciliation meeting in the commercial city of Gompa, Nimba County. Read

Wednesday, 24th February 2021
On Wednesday, February 24, 2021, stakeholders converged on the compound of the Kakata City Hall in Margibi County to officially launch the commencement of Geographic Planning/ Mapping exercise for the 2021 National Population and Housing Census of Liberia. Read

Tuesday, 23rd February 2021
As 2023 approaches, the Alternative National Congress,  one of four constituent Parties in the CPP,  has embarked on re-branding itself since the  party recently turned over the Chairmanship of the  CPP to the  Liberty Party. Read

Friday, 5th February 2021
Nimba County Benefits From Rule of Law Training On Friday, February 5, 2021, a project, aimed at training about 150 chiefs, elders and other stakeholders of Nimba, was launched in Sanniquellie City. Read

Thursday, 4th February 2021
Liberians witnessed another history in a making today, February 3, 2021, the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) carried out another smooth transition in its leadership as Chairman Alexander B. Read

Friday, 29th January 2021
As the debate over the sanctity of the December 8 Senatorial Election in Nimba continues, I am constrained to provide clarity on one aspect that has become so contentious, of late, between the two main contending parties. Read

Thursday, 28th January 2021

Tuesday, 26th January 2021
I have been invited by the state owned broadcaster, ELBC, to give my perspectives on the President's yesterday State of the Nation Address to the Joint Session of the Liberian Legislature. Read

Tuesday, 12th January 2021
On today, January 11, 2021, the 54th Liberian Legislature convened for it's 4th sitting on the Capitol Hill in Monrovia. Read

Friday, 2nd October 2020
Recently, a day long Roundtable Dialogue on instilling transparency in the use of the Social Development Funds,  which concessionaires normally give to counties of their operations, was held at a local hotel in Liberia. Read

Thursday, 1st October 2020
On Saturday, September 26, 2020, the District Sitting for Leewehpea and Meipea-Mah Administrative Districts in Electoral District 8, Nimba County, was held in Kpain Township. Read

Wednesday, 23rd September 2020
Nimba county electoral DISTRICT 8 Representative Hon Larry P Younquoi has challenged implementing partners of Gender sensitive programs in Liberia to be more practical if they would desire a successful implementation. Read

Saturday, 8th August 2020
My sincerest thanks and appreciation go to the Commissioners, Paramount Chiefs, Clan Chiefs, Youth and Women Leaders as well as the entire citizenry and residents of District number Eight, Nimba County, for massively turning up on August 4, 2020 to give me rousing welcome following my return from the United States of America. Read

Tuesday, 4th August 2020
As the Global Community combats the Corona Pandemic, it is incumbent on all conscious minded personalities to help in sensitizing the population to follow all the health protocols put forward by the health authorities of each country of the world. Read

Friday, 31st July 2020
The headquarters of the ANC, by extension, that of the CPP, was a scene of jubilation and display of political prowess by the opposition when members of the opposition , particularly partisans of the constituent parties of CPP, converged to welcome Chairman Cummings and Hon. Read

Friday, 24th April 2020
I am confused when it is being stated that Senators received money as payment for the extra sitting to discuss and approve the State of Emergency(SOE). Read

Tuesday, 21st April 2020
Nimba County District #8 lawmaker Hon Larry P Younquoi has joined the fight against the dearly Coronavirus in Liberia "Nimba County District #8 lawmaker Hon Larry P Younquoi has joined the fight against the dearly Coronavirus in Liberia, over the weekend the lawmaker through his chief of office staff Mr. Read

Monday, 24th February 2020
The Inter-Regional conference of African -Arab Parliamentarian's Forum on Population and Development started to today,  February 23, 2020, in the Red Sea port city of Djibouti in East Africa. Read

Wednesday, 22nd January 2020
The holding of the long awaited Population and Housing Census of Liberia has now become a certainty. Read

Tuesday, 21st January 2020
On Saturday, January 18, 2020, the Election Coordination Committee ( EEC) a consortium of over twenty-five Liberian Civil Society Organizations, held a day-long interactive forum with a cross-section of Nimbaians in Gompa City. Read

Sunday, 12th January 2020
I am honored to be selected by the conveners of this first impact Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to serve as the Keynote Speaker. Read

Saturday, 14th December 2019
Two members of the Independent Legislative Caucus, Representatives Larry Younquoi and Thomas Goshua, are asking the plenary of the House of Representatives to invite authorities of the Central Bank of Liberia to explain the source of US and Liberian currencies it infused in the market recently. Read

Tuesday, 19th November 2019
MONROVIA – Nimba County Representative Larry Younquoi says a proposal seeking the printing of new Liberian banknotes under the Coalition for Democratic Change-led (CDC) government of President George Manneh Weah has an ‘ulterior motive’ that must not be given credence by lawmakers. Read

Saturday, 16th November 2019
The Nairobi Summit on ICPD25was a success. Read

Thursday, 14th November 2019
Following very hectic two days of representation at varying levels during the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25, in line with our respective portfolios, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor and I found time to take a photo of remembrance. Read

Thursday, 14th November 2019
The Liberian delegation at the NAIROBI SUMMIT on ICPD25 has been making the country's case at the highest level. Read

Wednesday, 13th November 2019
On  November 12, 2019, the opening ceremony of the Global Summit on Population and Development , Dubbed, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON POPULATION & DEVELOPMENT AT TWENTY-FIVE ( NAIROBI SUMMIT ON IPCD25), took place with captivating speeches from the Co-conveners of said biggest gathering of stakeholders on global population issues since the Cairo Conference in 1994. Read

Monday, 11th November 2019
I am pleased to announce my arrival today, November 11, 2019, in the great Kenyan city of Nairobi for a World Summit on Population and Development, dubbed NAIROBI ICPD25, which commemorates the 25TH anniversary of the coming together of more than 179 heads of states and governments in Cairo, Egypt, in 1994, at an INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT (ICPD) to engender a paradigm shift in population programming as an integral part of development. Read

Sunday, 27th October 2019
Fellow Liberians : As per my promise to Wonlah on Saturday, while en route to Kigali, I am pleased to announce the safe arrival of the team. Read

Wednesday, 23rd October 2019
On October 18-19, 2019, a consortium of Civil Society Coalition in Liberia, in collaboration USAID, held a two-day training session for all Superintendents and Chairpersons of the Project Management Committees (PMC) of the country on the conduct of County Council Sitting which is usually undertaken by each county following the passage of a Fiscal Year budget. Read

Saturday, 19th October 2019
On Friday, October 18, 2019, Mr. Read

Friday, 18th October 2019
On October 10-11, 2019, a high level meeting on Law Reform in Liberia was held in the Port City of Buchanan in Grand Bassa County. Read

Thursday, 10th October 2019
On October 8-9, 2019, a group of America Congressmen and women , under the banner  :The House Democracy Partnership (HDP), visited Liberia to hold talks with the Legislature, the Executive and civil society groupings. Read

Wednesday, 9th October 2019
Monrovia – Four United States lawmakers have reminded Liberian legislators about some of the major tenets of representative democracy that would strengthen good governance in the West African nation. Read

Tuesday, 8th October 2019
On Thursday, October 4, 2019, the Finance Minister Samuel  Tweah, Jr;  Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information System (LISGIS) Boss, Prof. Read

Saturday, 5th October 2019
As the bi-election for the the vacated Senatorial seat in Grand Cape Mount County draws near, some members of the Legislative Caucus of the Collaborating Political Parties have been adding their strength to the efforts of the Unity Party Candidate in the race, Mr. Read

Monday, 23rd September 2019
On Saturday, September 21, 2019, CAMP FOR PEACE-LIBERIA, a Liberian Civil Society Organization, joined the Liberian nation in celebrating the International Day of Peace. Read

Tuesday, 17th September 2019
Gompa City, the only renowned COMMERCIAL CITY  in the rural part of the country, is fast becoming a NATIONAL PHENOMENON. Read

Tuesday, 17th September 2019
On Tuesday, September 12, 2019, the Legislature of Liberia participated in the opening ceremony of the hosting of the extraordinary session of the ECOWAS PARLIAMENT in Monrovia, Liberia. Read

Tuesday, 10th September 2019
During my recent visit at my farm in Dian Town, Gipo Township in District #8, Nimba County, I was pleased about the level of agricultural activities being carried out by caretakers and workers therein. Read

Friday, 30th August 2019
On Thursday, August 29, 2019, the remains of Mrs. Read

Friday, 30th August 2019
Report by Gerald C. Read

Wednesday, 28th August 2019
The 172nd celebration of Liberia’s Flag Day, which fell on Saturday, August 24, 2019, was officially commemorated nationwide on Monday, the 26th instant. Read

Wednesday, 28th August 2019
A cross-section of members of the Liberian Legislature, on August 18-19, 2019, underwent a two-day training in Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting as they debate the current draft budget before that body for FiscalYear 2019/2020. Read

Friday, 16th August 2019
On Friday,  August 16, 2019, the President of Liberia convened a two-day Constitution Amendment Retreat with the Legislature at the Farmington Hotel in Robertsfield,  Margibi County. Read

Monday, 12th August 2019
Nimba County District#8 Representative and Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Good Governance, Larry P. Read

Sunday, 11th August 2019
As part of the itinerary of the African - Asian Parliamentarians' conference in Tanzania recently,  the Island of Zanzibar was visited by conference attendees,  including me. Read

Tuesday, 6th August 2019
On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, the on-going Meeting of Asia-African Parliamentarians continued in the historic city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Read

Tuesday, 30th July 2019
On Tuesday,  July  24, 2019, a day to my departure from the district to Monrovia for the official celebration of the Independence Day, I served as the Chief Launcher for the harvest of a large cassava farm planted by the District Commissioner of Meinpea-Mah, Hon. Read

Sunday, 28th July 2019
Following the closure of the Legislature for this year’s Independence Break, I spent a better part of said break in the district identifying with the people undertaking some of the activities that are of interest to them. Read

Sunday, 28th July 2019
The final days of my rather fruitful  "Independence Break" in my District were climaxed with a tour of my farm in Dian Town,  Gipo Township, few hours to my departure on July 25, 2019 for the main celebration with the family in Monrovia. Read

Saturday, 27th July 2019
The else-while Flumpa Public School (FPS) in District Eight, Gbannah Chiefdom, which is now called Flumpa Semi-High School, had her academic year end program on Monday, July 24, 2019, on the school’s campus at Flumpa Headquarters. Read

Saturday, 27th July 2019
Also forming part of the closing exercises of the Flumpa Public School on July 23, 2019, was a dedication of a multi-purpose building constructed by a joint effort of the school administration; the PTA and other contributors, with the support of a Peace Corps Volunteer assigned at the school, Mr. Read

Thursday, 25th July 2019
The week of July 18-19, 2019, will go into the annals of history as a deciding moment in determining the finality of transitional justice in Liberia as it marks the moment that the joint committee of the House of Representatives, comprising the committees on Claims & Petition; Judiciary; Governance & Government Reform and Peace & Reconciliation brought together diverse stakeholder groups to deliberate on the necessity of the establishment of a War and Economic Crime Court In Liberia. Read

Wednesday, 10th July 2019
On Wednesday, July 3, 2019, the Open Government Partnership Secretariat (OPG), in collaboration with the Legislative Information Service (LIS), commenced a two-day Legislative Engagement at the Capitol Building under the theme: “Advancing Transparency, Social, Political and Financial Accountability In Governance Process”. Read

Monday, 1st July 2019
On Wednesday, June 26, 2019, a joint committee of the Liberia’s House of Representatives held a public hearing on the draft Domestic Violence Act which, has been with that body since the 53rd Legislature but, was recently resubmitted by the Women Legislative Caucus. Read

Monday, 1st July 2019
On Tuesday, June 25; 2019, the NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development, in collaboration with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), held it’s third Youth Legislative Policy Dialogue at the Liberian Legislature. Read

Sunday, 23rd June 2019
Folks, I am pleased to notify you that , while recently at the Women Deliver Conference In Vancouver, Canada, parliamentarians in attendance, in collaboration with partners, organized the Global Parliamentary Alliance for Health, Rights and Development. Read

Wednesday, 19th June 2019
In the wake of Senator Prince Y. Read

Wednesday, 5th June 2019
The 2019 State of the World Population was recently launched by the Vice President of Liberia, Mrs. Read

Tuesday, 4th June 2019
News reaching me from Gbannah Chiefdom, District 8, Nimba County, has it that the venerable Clan Chief, Old Man David Dahn, has died. Read

Monday, 3rd June 2019
This evening, June 3,2019, at the Vancouver Conference Center, the Women Deliver Conference, being hosted in Vancouver, Canada, was officially convened through an opening program. Read

Tuesday, 28th May 2019
In my quest to ensure that rule of law is maintained at all times in the House of Representatives, I recently wrote the Plenary of the House beseeching it to rescind the decision of the Speaker to arbitrarily reshuffle  committees of the House. Read

Monday, 20th May 2019
— Independent Legislative Caucus charges Representative Larry P. Read

Saturday, 18th May 2019
On Wednesday,  May 15, 2019, the Governance Commission of Liberia had a day-long round table forum to reveal the outcome of a study she and her international partners recently launched in order to derive the best possible  REVENUE SHARING FORMULA for Liberia. Read

Thursday, 16th May 2019
Rehabilitation works on the CNC Junction-Duo highway in Meinpea-Mah Administrative District in Electoral District 8, Nimba County,  have started. Read

Wednesday, 15th May 2019
On Thursday,  May 9, 2019, the House of Representatives concurred with the Liberian Senate in rectifying a concession agreement that grants a 20-year Investment Package to  the Nimba Rubber Incorporated (NRI). Read

Thursday, 9th May 2019
Between May 3-5, 2019, the Alternative National Congress (ANC), held its 3rd Convention in Gompa City, Nimba County amidst jubilation of participants and residents of the county who massively participated in the event. Read

Friday, 26th April 2019
Monrovia – Nimba County District # Representative says “no one is obligated” to ask Senator Prince Johnson’s permission in order to host an activity in the county. Read

Monday, 8th April 2019
On Saturday, April 5, 2019, the Duo Highway in Meinpea-Mah Administrative District in Distruct # 8, Nimba County, was assessed by a team from the Nimba County Administration and myself for possible rehabilitation before the commencement of the rain. Read

Monday, 8th April 2019
The dedicatory ceremony of the Science Complex at NCCC was also attended by the county  Development Superintendent, Hon. Read

Sunday, 7th April 2019
Following the assessment of the nearly 30 kilometer road, the team also took a critical look at the St. Read

Monday, 18th March 2019
In deed, it is not an overstatement to refer to the four days from Tuesday, March 12, 2019 to Friday, March 15, 2019, as a " Long Week ". Read

Monday, 18th March 2019
The successful presentation of the STATUS OF WOMEN Report to the Plenary of the on-going 63rd conference of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at the UN Headquarters in New York, on day three of the conference, was followed, on day four with the hosting of a major SIDE EVENT by the Liberia delegation. Read

Thursday, 14th March 2019
On Wednesday,  March  6, 2019, the  joint committee of the House of  Representatives,  comprising Ways,  Means,  Finance and Development  and  Judiciary,  held a day-long public hearing on the draft law I recently presented before the Plenary on the need to establish a STAND ALONE  law on the Social and County Development  Funds in Liberia. Read

Monday, 11th March 2019
. Read

Sunday, 10th March 2019

Sunday, 10th March 2019
During my two-day stay in  Gbehyi, I had an opportunity to share the podium with Nimba County District Eight Representative Hon. Read

Sunday, 10th March 2019
At the Blowee in-door program of my visit to the Zahn people, nearly all Local Government Officials of Meinpea-Mah Administrative District were in attendace. Read

Sunday, 24th February 2019
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Sunday, 24th February 2019
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Tuesday, 5th February 2019
The month of January in 2019 will go into the  history of the  Liberian Legislature as one of the months, if not the only month,  in which the body has bidded bye to three of its former members  in persons of Hons. Read

Tuesday, 5th February 2019
Members of the Younquoi Family continue to be grateful to God for his Grace upon them. Read

Wednesday, 23rd January 2019
In the wake of the ongoing acrimonious infighting at the House of Representatives, a group of aggrieved members have formed themselves into a group called the Independent Legislative Caucus. Read

Wednesday, 23rd January 2019
Some lawmakers formulate INDEPENDENT LEGISLATIVE BLOCK at the Capitol ---As the Chair of the Group, Hon. Read

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019
MONROVIA – Plenary of the House of Representatives has subjected Rep. Read

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019
Members of the board sanctioned to conduct the investigation include the president of the Liberia National Bar Association, representatives of the Ministries of Justice and Internal Affairs, chairperson of the Independent National Human Rights Commission, president of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY), chairperson of the National Civil Society Organization and the president of the Liberia Law Enforcement Association. Read

Monday, 14th January 2019
On Saturday,  January 12, 2019, NCCC held a Convocation Exercise for Academic 2017/2018 on its campus in Sanniqurllie,  Nimba County,  during which several hundreds of students obtained AA Degrees in various fields of study. Read

Saturday, 12th January 2019
On Thursday,  January 10, 2018, I visited the  Cocopa Rubber Plantation upon the invitation of the CEO of the Nimba Rubber Incorporated (NRI), Mr. Read

Friday, 21st December 2018
The old adage of "give a man his flowers while he lives" became a reality recently at my Capitol Hill office in Monrovia when I was honored by an advocacy group know as GOOD GOVERNANCE FORUM  for my " OUTSTANDING SUPPORT AND REPRESENTATION of District 8. Read

Sunday, 16th December 2018
December 12, 2018, was the climax of the nearly two weeks of graduation ceremonies for the University of Liberia for the Academic Year 2017/2018 . Read

Sunday, 16th December 2018
Although the DEATH of Dr. Read

Monday, 3rd December 2018
As the exploitation of the scraps in the former LAMCO Operation area in Nimba continues, the Nimba Legislative Caucus has decided to enhance transparency in the process by restructuring the SCRAP COMMITTEE of the County. Read

Friday, 30th November 2018
On Saturday, November 24, 2018, stakesholdes of NCCC, including the  Nimba  Caucus; the County Administration and the Administration of the College, converged on the campus of the institution in Sanniquellie to restructure the Board of Trustees in consonance with the Act creating it. Read

Monday, 12th November 2018
On Friday, November 9, 2018, the General Assembly of the African Parliamentary Union (APU) ended a week-long conference in Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria. Read

Monday, 12th November 2018
Following the conclusion of the conference of African Parliamentarians on Friday,  November 9, 2018, I visited the Liberian Embassy in Abuja on Saturday,  the 10th instant and was received His Excellecy Prof. Read

Monday, 5th November 2018
On Saturday,  November 2. Read

Monday, 22nd October 2018
On Sunday, October 21, 2018, I arrived in Ottawa, Canada, where a conference of over 300 Lawmakers/parliamentarians and population/Gender advocates will be participating in a 2-day conference to assess the implementation of the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT (ICPD). Read

Thursday, 11th October 2018
From November 8-12,  a select number of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate and other national stakeholders undertook a week-long training in Gender Responsive Budgeting at the Farmington Hotel located near the  Roberts International Airport in Margibi County. Read

Monday, 8th October 2018
On Saturday, September 29, 2018, Stakeholders of Nimba County District Eight converged on the District headquarters of Flumpa, Gbannah Chiefdom at a District Council Sitting. Read

Wednesday, 26th September 2018
On Saturday,  September 22, 2018, the remains of the late Army Major John S. Read

Wednesday, 19th September 2018
On Saturday,  September 15, 2018, another gathering of former contestants in the 2017 Legislative Election in District #8, Nimba County,  along with  a diverse stakeholder groups of the district, took place in Kpain Township. Read

Monday, 10th September 2018
On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, a consortium of Civil Society in Liberia,  with the support of USAID, engaged some members of the  Legislature to brainstorm on the latest amendment of Section 9 of the  Budget Law. Read

Saturday, 1st September 2018
On Wednesday, August 29, 2018, the leadership of PPAL  met with a cross-section of the  Liberian Legislature at the  Mamba Point Hotel in Monrovia. Read

Saturday, 1st September 2018
Today,  August 31, 2018, Nimba County started it's County Council Sitting in Sanniquellie. Read

Saturday, 1st September 2018
On Thursday,  August 30, 2018, a group of Civil Society Organizations in Liberia held a one-day workshop, aimed at exposing the contents of the Land Rights Acts  to its members. Read

Wednesday, 29th August 2018
Friday, August 31, 2018, will be another happy day for us,  the Younquoi Family,  as one of our members, Mr. Read

Saturday, 11th August 2018
On Thursday  August 9, 2018,  the Asian -African Parliamentary Conference, finally came to a successful end with the issuance of a communique,  which constitutes the position of the two parliamentary bodies to next year's Tokyo International Conferences on African Development and the G-20 meeting; two events to be hosted by Japan. Read

Wednesday, 8th August 2018
While recently still on my three-week "Independence Anniversary Break", I found time to visit my farm near  Dian Town in Giro Township. Read

Tuesday, 7th August 2018
Saturday, August 4, 2018, was a remarkable day as the two sisterly districts (7&8) met in football and kickball show pieces at the Gompa Sports Stadium in the on-going inter-district league in Nimba. Read

Tuesday, 7th August 2018
On Tuesday, August 7, 2018, I arrived in Accra, Ghana to participate in a Conference of the Asian-African Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development. Read

Tuesday, 7th August 2018
While recently on my way to the farm of the former VP of Liberia (Amb. Read

Sunday, 29th July 2018
On Thusday, July 26, 2018, Liberia celebrated it's 171st Independence Anniversary. Read

Wednesday, 18th July 2018
SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM THE PLAIN TRUTH REVOLUTION ABOUT OURJULY 18, 2018’S ACTION, TODAY, AT THE LPRC   As this current effort of ours for a final civic/administrative redress from LPRC for their grave Americo-Liberian-style INJUSTICE against our Native African Kartees’ family first, then the Plain Truth Revolution, and this country’s entire population (by extension) on January 25, 2013, is too important for our personal lives and the forward-march of this land, based upon every issue that surrounds this particular case etc. Read

Tuesday, 17th July 2018
On Saturday,  July 14, 2018, the newly appointed and confirmed Commissioner of Leewehpea Administrative District, Mr. Read

Sunday, 15th July 2018
Liberia is on the verge of reforming its 42-year old Public Health Law. Read

Thursday, 5th July 2018
On Monday, July 2, 2017, the tension that has existed between the Nimba Community and their Gola Hosts in  Kungbah District, Electoral District #3, Gbarpolu, since the 2017 Legislative and Presidential Elections, was brought to an end. Read

Tuesday, 26th June 2018
As Cuttington University (CU)  in Suakoko, Bong County, Liberia, carries out its 2017/2018 graduation this week, many families are beaming with smiles as their children and love ones are poised to bring in additional academic and professional glories to them. Read

Wednesday, 20th June 2018
Between June 18-19, 2018, I, along with some of my colleagues of the Executive Committee of the Africa Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development, participated in a major international Population Conference in the Swiss City of GENEVA. Read

Saturday, 16th June 2018
On Tuesday, June 7, 2018, a Nimba Student Group, CONCERNED NIMBA STUDENT MOVEMENT honored me at my Capitol building office for what they termed "your positive contribution to Nimba and the larger Liberian society". Read

Tuesday, 12th June 2018
Monday, June 11,2018, was the beginning of a three-day All Men Conference in Gbarnga, Bong County. Read

Friday, 8th June 2018
On Monday, June 4, 2018, the Joint Committee of the Legislature, comprising members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, held a Public Hearing on the, much talk about, $536 Million Dollars Eton Loan. Read

Thursday, 7th June 2018
Saturday, June 2, 2018, did  not only mark the honoring of Dr. Read

Wednesday, 6th June 2018
On Saturday, June 2, 2018, the Administration, staff, students and Board of Trustees of the Nimba County Community College ( NCCC) held an elaborate program in honor of the institution's long serving Board Chairman, Dr. Read

Monday, 28th May 2018
On Friday, May 25, 2018, I and my family attended the dowry payment ceremony of my Aunt, Miss. Read

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018
On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, I proffered a communication on the plenary floor of the House of Representatives beseeching said body to open a dialogue on the  stalemate in the by-elections that should have been held in Bong and Montserrado counties since May 8, 2018. Read

Monday, 21st May 2018
On Saturday, May 19, 2018, the remains of the late Elder Joseph Mizi Sayegbuoh of the United Liberia Inland Church, was laid to rest in Zahn Barnla, District #8, Nimba County. Read

Tuesday, 8th May 2018
On Saturday, May 5, 2018, the National Leadership of the United Liberia Inland Church (ULIC), led by its President, Rrv. Read

Sunday, 6th May 2018
On Thursday, May 3, 2018, a new Faith- based Civil Society Organization, THE FAITH & JUSTICE NETWORK - LIBERIA, was launched in Monrovia. Read

Friday, 4th May 2018
On Saturday, April   , 2018, Hon. Read

Thursday, 26th April 2018
On Wednesday, April 25, 2018, I served as one of the panelists that guided participants at a conference held at a local hotel in Monrovia aimed at validating the outcome of a study conducted by a consortium of Civil Society Organizations with sponsorship from USAID and partners. Read

Friday, 20th April 2018
Deputy Speaker Promises a More Open and Transparent Legislature   On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, Naymote Partners for Democratic Development hosted the second Youth Legislative Policy Dialogue under the theme: “Making the Legislature More People Centered” held at the Monrovia Christian Fellowship Hall in Monrovia, Liberia. Read

Monday, 16th April 2018
On Saturday, April 14, 2018, Retired Col. Read

Sunday, 15th April 2018
Between April 5-13, 2018, I occupied my Easter Break in my District with major rehabilitation works in the piece of road linking GIPO and WHYNOR Towns in Districts 8 & 2 respectively. Read

Monday, 2nd April 2018
On Saturday, March 31, 2018, I had a mass meeting with a cross-section of District Eight students at our residence in Monrovia. Read

Sunday, 25th March 2018
On March 22-23, 2018, the Peace Building Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in collaboration with UNDP and other partners, staged a National Conference at the Monrovia City Hall with the view of consolidating the peace the nation is currently experiencing. Read

Sunday, 25th March 2018
A resident of the State of Michigan, USA, Mr. Read

Sunday, 18th March 2018
Following my "triumphant entry" into District Eight on January 27, 2017, I commenced a second visit to my District, as a member of the 54th Legislature, on March 9, 2017. Read

Sunday, 18th March 2018
On Saturday,  March 10, 2018, the recently inducted Representative of District Seven,  Hon. Read

Sunday, 18th March 2018
While in Nimba for a two-week visit, which coincided with the Decoration Day holiday, I was joined by some children and grandchildren of the Younquois to honor our departed love ones on the Younquoi Farm near Dian Town,  Gipo Township in District Eight, Nimba County. Read

Sunday, 18th March 2018
Following my participation in the Reconciliation program organized by Hon. Read

Thursday, 1st March 2018
Following the acceptance of this communication by the Plenary, I held a serious meeting with the newly confirmed Director General of the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services ( LISGIS), Hon. Read

Saturday, 24th February 2018
On Friday, February 23, 2018, the House of Representatives successfully concluded its orientation workshop at the Farmington Hotel within the proximity of the Roberts International Airport. Read

Friday, 23rd February 2018
in order to impart knowledge of the cardinal functions of members of the Legislature, the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature, his holding a three-day Orientation Retreat at the Farmington Hotel near the Roberts International Airport in Margibi County. Read

Thursday, 15th February 2018
On Thursday, February 15, 2018, Nimba County had another Representative seated at the House of Representatives with swearing in of Hon. Read

Wednesday, 3rd January 2018
The Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission (NEC) has declared Rep. Read

Saturday, 11th November 2017
Incumbent Representative of Nimba County District 8, Larry P. Read

Monday, 9th October 2017
Following the launch of its campaign activities on 9th September in FLUMPA, the team vigorously combed the nooks and crannies of District 8 stating while I should benefit from a renewed mandate of the people. Read

Sunday, 1st October 2017
It is with heavy heart that I announce to our kinsmen across the globe that the Commissioner of Leewehpea Administrative District has passed following some times of illness. Read

Friday, 15th September 2017
The In-door aspects of the three-day Conference of Asia-Africa Parliamentarians ended today, September 14, 2017, in New Delhi, India. Read

Wednesday, 13th September 2017
On Thursday, September 7, 2017, a group of Gbannah elders, known as 'Crowd 50' held a major endorsement program for me in Flumpa barely two days to the launch of my campaign for the upcoming election. Read

Wednesday, 13th September 2017
On Thursday, September 7, 2017, a group of Gbannah elders, known as 'Crowd 50' held a major endorsement program for me in Flumpa barely two days to the launch of my campaign for the upcoming election. Read

Monday, 11th September 2017
CLICK TO VIEW: http://www. Read

Sunday, 10th September 2017
The launch of the campaign in Flumpa on Saturday, September 9, 2017, was not without the presence of some elites of the ruling Unity Party. Read

Wednesday, 6th September 2017
On the same Saturday,  September 2, 2017, that a major political jamboree was being held in Gipo by its residents and Citizens, the campaign management team of the "No Need For Change ". Read

Tuesday, 5th September 2017
On Saturday, September 2, 2017, a group of Gipo citizens resident outside of the Township, led by Mr. Read

Saturday, 2nd September 2017
On Friday,  August 25, 2017, the second debate for Nimba County District 8 Legislative Candidates was held in Flumpa. Read

Saturday, 2nd September 2017
On Saturday, August 27, 2017, Chiefs, elders, youths and the entirety of the residents of Gbannah held a major campaign sensitization gathering in the Gbannaian town of Wallah. Read

Saturday, 2nd September 2017
On Sunday,  August 28, 2017, the United Liberia Inland Church of Flumpa hosted the Christian Fellowship of Gbannah on the premise of the Church's Mission Station to raise fund for development purposes. Read

Friday, 25th August 2017
On Monday,  August 21, 2017, I and my campaign Team stormed the town of Gbayblin in Gbannah Chiefdom. Read

Wednesday, 23rd August 2017
The decision taken by Chiefs, elders, youths and stakeholders of Gbannah Chiefdom sometimes ago to build a modern and permanent edifice for their meeting at the Chiefdom's traditional meeting point in Kpeyee is now coming to reality. Read

Wednesday, 23rd August 2017
On Saturday,  August 19, 2017, women of Gbannah Chiefdom,  under the banner of Leewehpea Rural Women Structure (ckc Concern Women), congregated in the town of Sehwee in Lower Gbannah to carry out a fund raising rally to help with the completion of the school construction project being undertaken by residents of the town. Read

Monday, 14th August 2017
Since the NEC officially removed the lid on Campaigning on July 31, 2017, I, as an incumbent Representative of District 8, Nimba County, have been very gradual and systematic in going about my campaign activities. Read

Thursday, 3rd August 2017
On Saturday,  July 29, 2017, the At. Read

Thursday, 3rd August 2017
On Saturday, July 29, 2017, the At. Read

Tuesday, 1st August 2017
Monday,  July 24, 2017, was a gleeful day in the life of citizens and residents of Saclepea-Mah Statutory when they received a modem ferry from VP Boakai to provide a safer faciity for crossing over the Yar River between Gbehyi Tengbein and Nyienyee. Read

Tuesday, 1st August 2017
On Saturday, May 28, 2017, the newly established AME Church in Flumpa hosted the Gbannah Christian Community Fellowship  to a rally aimed at constructing its edifice. Read

Sunday, 30th July 2017
Following the endorsement program in Leesonnnon Dohn,  I attended a debate with Seven other Aspirants Read

Thursday, 20th July 2017
While recently on a Countywide tour of Nimba County, Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, performed the dedication of the said Annex, which was constructed with my Share of the 2014/2015 Legislative Support Project. Read

Tuesday, 11th July 2017
On Monday, July 10, 2017, I finally became a CANDIDATE for the pending October Representative and Presidential election in Liberia. Read

Saturday, 8th July 2017
The Vice president, on Thursday, July 7, 2017, devoted his visit of Nimba County to completing Electoral District 3 and entering Electoral District 7. Read

Saturday, 8th July 2017
On the final leg of his visit to Nimba County, VP Boakai, on Thursday, July 6, 2017, entered the city of Saclepea during which thousands of residents and supporters braved the torrential rain to receive him. Read

Thursday, 6th July 2017
Following a thanksgiving service on his behalf  in Gompa City on July 4, 2017, by a cross-section of Christians in Gompa,  VP extended his visit to economic enclave  of Yekepa to hold talk with residents of Yarmein District as well as ordinary residents of the concession area. Read

Thursday, 6th July 2017
Following the dedication of the Bed Bridge in Duo  Tiayee, VP Boakai ended his second day in the County by visiting the historic City of Karnplay where he was met on arrival by Statutory , District #3 Representative, Samuel  Woleh and Superintendent Daniel Bartuah Bartuah and  his chiefs and elders as well as residents. Read

Thursday, 6th July 2017
On the second day of his visit to Nimba, VP Boakai, July 5, 2017, dedicated a major bridge constructed by Nimba County District #2 Representative, Hon. Read

Wednesday, 5th July 2017
On Tuesday, July 4, 2017, Vice President Joseph N. Read

Tuesday, 27th June 2017
On Sunday, June 25, 2017, the Kpallah United Liberia Inland Church dedicated it's recently rehabilitated Church Building after months of serious renovation. Read

Tuesday, 13th June 2017
On Monday, June 12, 2017, some  officials of Nimba recently nominated by President Sirleaf faced Senate Confirmation hearing at the Capitol. Read

Thursday, 8th June 2017
On Monday,  May 5, 2017, the industrious  people  of Waintiapa in Lao Chiefdom, were proud recipients of a tip of the generosity of their Representative, Hon. Read

Sunday, 4th June 2017
Sunday, May 28, 2017, was  a memorable day  for  the  Gbannah Chiefdom, particularly the Christian Community, when the newly  established  AME Church  in FLUMPA played host all the  churches in the area for a rally aimed at helping it construct it edifice. Read

Sunday, 4th June 2017
Two American missionaries, Richard Colon and his wife, recently called on Hon. Read

Saturday, 27th May 2017
On May 25, 2017, 31 members of the House of Representatives pledged their unflinching support to VP Boakai in his quest to become President of Liberia. Read

Saturday, 27th May 2017
On Saturday, May 26, 2017, a major fund drive was launched on the campus of Flumpa Semi-High School ( formerly Flumpa Public School) for the erection of two units for the accommodation of teachers. Read

Friday, 26th May 2017
Saturday, May 19, 2017, was a mixed scene in the City of Bahn, Nimba County, when the President emeritus of the United Liberia Inland Church, Rev. Read

Thursday, 11th May 2017
On Saturday, May 6, 2017, Motorcyclists in Flumpa broke ground for a modern bus terminal in Flumpa headquarters. Read

Thursday, 11th May 2017
On Tuesday, May 9, 2017, Hon. Read

Thursday, 11th May 2017
The hard work of Hon. Read

Thursday, 11th May 2017
Flumpa, the seat of the District Commissioner of Leewehpea Administrative in Nimba County Electoral District 8, is fast gaining grounds in infrastructural development; the latest being the construction of a Woman Center. Read

Thursday, 11th May 2017
At the rally called by the "Civilized Women" Social Club of ZAHN as well as some Lao and Gbehyi towns, intended  for completion of a town Hall under construction in Zahn Gounla, Hon. Read

Friday, 5th May 2017
On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, delegates from four counties in which the project, "Mitigating Local Dispute in Liberia ( MLDL)", is being piloted, converged in the conference room of the Defence Ministry  in Monrovia. Read

Thursday, 4th May 2017
Citizens and residents of Gbannah Chiefdom have resolved to provide their unflinching support to the second term bid of Hon. Read

Monday, 1st May 2017
A US-based Non-Governmental Organization, COUNCIL OF GBANNAH VOLUNTEERS (COGVOL), donated a number of scholarships to a select female students in some schools in Gbannah Chiefdom, District #8, Nimba County. Read

Friday, 28th April 2017
The direct annual infusion of national resources into counties for simultaneous development in Liberia has come under the stern scrutiny of some Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Liberia. Read

Friday, 28th April 2017
In order to have a firm grip on the fight against corruption, the Liberia Anti corruption Commission (LACC) recently held a workshop  on the validation of the draft Act on Whistle Blower & Witness Protection in Liberia after which it would be forwarded to the Legislature for passage. Read

Friday, 14th April 2017
Following a successful Orientation Session with my fellow Executive Committee Members of the Africa Parliamentary Forum on population & Development in Dakar, I joined thousands of tourists to visit the historic Slave Trading Post during the Colonial Era, known as The Goree Island, near mainland Dakar. Read

Tuesday, 11th April 2017
On Saturday, April 8, 2017, Hon. Read

Wednesday, 29th March 2017
please find attached, a full preliminary listing for Lower Nimba County, which includes Tappita, Saclepea-MAh and Yarwain Mehnsonnoh Statutory Districts. Read

Friday, 24th March 2017
It seems as though, after a long period of slumber, Gipo has seen the need to take its development " bull" by the horn  in a form and manner never seen before. Read

Saturday, 18th March 2017
On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, the Nimba Legislative Caucus met with the Superintendent-Designate, Hon. Read

Saturday, 18th March 2017
On Tuesday, March 14, 2017, a Group of Civil Society Organizations,with the support of the European Union and some other diplomatic missions near Monrovia, staged a one-day sensitization workshop aimed forming a united front to ensure that the Act , which has already been passed by the House of Representatives, can be passed by the Senate. Read

Monday, 13th March 2017
On the Friday, March 10, 2017, Hon. Read

Monday, 13th March 2017
On Saturday,March 11, 2017, the remains of Hon. Read

Sunday, 12th March 2017
Between  January 30 and February 5, 2017, the United Liberia Inland Church (ULIC) held its Annual Conference in the city of Gompa in Nimba County. Read

Monday, 6th March 2017
On Saturday, March 4, 2017, GVTI celebrated its first Gala Anniversary on its Campus near Gipo Township. Read

Sunday, 5th March 2017
In recent times, Hon. Read

Sunday, 5th March 2017
The Africa Regional Director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), accompanied by the Chairman of the Board, was guest of Libetia from February 22-26, 2017. Read

Monday, 27th February 2017
In the wake of the current wanton voters trucking in Liberia, Hon. Read

Wednesday, 22nd February 2017
On Saturday,  February 18,  2017, citizens of Lesonnoh Zahnglesonla  held a rally aimed at raising the funds to complete an on-going Town Hall Construction Project. Read

Thursday, 16th February 2017
Please find attached, the full report of Hon. Read

Tuesday, 14th February 2017
Please find attached a communication recently proffered by me and Lester M. Read

Tuesday, 14th February 2017
On Friday, February 10, 2017, the joint committee of the House of Representatives, comprising the committees on Judiciary; Good Governance & Government Reform; Elections & Inauguration as well as Way, Means, Finance & Development Planning, hosted the Director-General of the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Service ( LISGIS), Edward Liberty, at a public hearing on the 2018 National Housing and Population Census. Read

Saturday, 11th February 2017
On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, Hon. Read

Saturday, 28th January 2017
This is the Plan of Action of the African Parliaments as presented on their behalf to the AU Secretariat by Hon. Read

Friday, 27th January 2017
Following his participation in the funeral ceremony of the late Elder Wuo Yelekor Zodoun in Flumpa, Hon. Read

Thursday, 26th January 2017
On Thursday, January 26, 2017, the Executive Committee of the Africa Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development formally presented its Plan of Action (POA) on " Harnessing Demographic Dividend By Investing in Youth" to the Heads of States of Africa for deliberation during their upcoming 28th Summit in at the AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa. Read

Monday, 23rd January 2017
On Saturday, January 21, 2017, Hon. Read

Saturday, 21st January 2017
On Wednesday, January 18, 2017, University of Liberia Students, under the banner, "University STUDENTS Against Electoral Violence" played host to Hon. Read

Saturday, 21st January 2017
During the weekend of 20-23, 2017, Hon. Read

Saturday, 21st January 2017
Hon. Read

Saturday, 21st January 2017
Hon. Read

Saturday, 21st January 2017
Fellow Compatriots, please find attached, the draft concession Agreement between the Government and the Nimba Rubber Inc. Read

Saturday, 21st January 2017
Click to view>> http://www. Read

Thursday, 12th January 2017
On Monday, January 9, 2017, the 53rd Legislature of Liberia honored its constitutional duty by opening for its last sitting. Read

Thursday, 12th January 2017
On Saturday, January 7, 2017, A group of women in Flumpa, under the banner: the Flumpa Women Women Organization, carried out a rally to raise funds for the construction of a Woman Center in this headquarter town. Read

Thursday, 12th January 2017
On Friday, January 6, 2017, Hon. Read

Thursday, 12th January 2017
On Friday, January 6, 2017, Hon. Read

Monday, 9th January 2017
Saturday, December 31, 2016, will go into the annals of history as a memory day for the women of Gbannah, Lessonoh and their kids when they were treated to year-end party by the couple. Read

Monday, 9th January 2017
As part of his activities during his just concluded Legislative Recess, Hon. Read

Friday, 6th January 2017
Dear Hon. Read

Friday, 6th January 2017
7918 Oak Hill Drive                                                                                                                                     Cheltenham, PA 19012                                                                                                                                             USA                                                                                                                                                                    Telephone: 215-8885520                                                                                                            Email: gggehyigon@yahoo. Read

Thursday, 22nd December 2016
On Thursday, December 15, 2016, speculation surrounding the construction of the Vee Bridge in Zahn Blowee Town came to an end as the long awaited construction started in earnest. Read

Thursday, 22nd December 2016
Following the historic ground breaking of the Vee Bridge in Blowee, Hon. Read

Thursday, 22nd December 2016
On Saturday, December 17, 2016, the NCCC held its second Graduation Ceremony at its Sanniquellie City Campus. Read

Wednesday, 14th December 2016
On Monday, December 13, 2016, Hon. Read

Monday, 12th December 2016
On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, Hon. Read

Monday, 12th December 2016
On Saturday, December 10,2016, the remains of the late Teacher Nya Taylor Taylor Guannue of Deakehmein, Gompa City, was laid to rest in the city. Read

Monday, 12th December 2016
Pursuant to The Liberian Government's resolve to have Dry Port in the hinterland, for which  Kpoapa Town in Nimba County District #8 has been earmarked, a team of consultants from a hired consultancy firm, accompanied by an Engineer from the Ministry of Public Works, visited Kpoapa for verification of the proposed site. Read

Saturday, 10th December 2016
On Thursday, December 8, 2016, the last day of the second extraordinary session of the 53rd Legislature, the President of Liberia and her Cabinet held a one-day retreat with the Legislature in the William R. Read

Thursday, 8th December 2016
This is the November Edition of the News Bulletin of the Africa Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development. Read

Thursday, 8th December 2016
Subject: GROUND BREAKING FOR A BRIDGE IN ZAHN CHIEFDOM   Dear Colleagues: It is my pleasure to invite you to the Ground Breaking ceremony of the VEE BRIDGE in Bolowee Town, behind Duo Headquarters, Zahn Chiefdom, District #8, Nimba County, on Thursday, December 15, 2016, commencing at 11:00 AM. Read

Wednesday, 7th December 2016
Saturday, December 3, 2016, was a very busy day for Hon. Read

Wednesday, 7th December 2016
Following an action packed weekend, Hon. Read

Wednesday, 7th December 2016
In Sanniquellie, on December 6, 2016, Nimba County whipped Rivercess County with 2 goals to zero in football to qualify for the next round to be held in January even though there is still one game to spare. Read

Tuesday, 6th December 2016
Following the  Dec. Read

Tuesday, 6th December 2016
On Sunday, Dec. Read

Saturday, 3rd December 2016
 BREAKING NEWS FROM DISTRICT # 8: Please read the letter from the President's office below. Read

Saturday, 3rd December 2016
Dear All: As mentioned earlier this is the press release issued by the Secretariat of the Parliamentary Forum relative the recently held General Assembly of said body to which I was elected. Read

Saturday, 3rd December 2016
On Thursday, December 1, 2016, the process leading to the burial of the late Lofa County District # 1 Representative, Hon. Read

Wednesday, 30th November 2016
On November 24, 2016, the African Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development held its second General Assembly in Dakar, Senegal. Read

Tuesday, 29th November 2016
The African Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development is a group of Parliamentarians who have resolved to champion population and related issues across the African continent. Read

Friday, 25th November 2016
Hon. Read

Saturday, 19th November 2016
Hon. Read

Saturday, 19th November 2016
On Tuesday, November 15, 2016, Hon. Read

Saturday, 19th November 2016
While on his way from Zahn Gampa to Yekehyee on Sunday, November 23, 2016, Hon. Read

Tuesday, 15th November 2016
On Monday, November 14, 2016, a local NGO , the National Youth Movement  for Transparent Election ( NAYMOTE), began its sensitization of the citizenry in Flumpa, District #8, on the pending constitutional review process with emphasis on the eight prepositions recently recommended by the  House of Representatives for referendum. Read

Tuesday, 15th November 2016
As he continues the tour of his District, Hon. Read

Saturday, 12th November 2016
While on one of his routine visit in District #8, Hon. Read

Saturday, 12th November 2016
Recently, Hon. Read

Saturday, 12th November 2016
On Thursday, November 10, 2016, Hon. Read

Saturday, 12th November 2016
Recently at his office in Monrovia, Hon. Read

Monday, 7th November 2016
On the 29th of October 2016, residents of Tunukpuyee, Lao Chiefdom, Nimba  County District #8, held a Thanksgiving program in order of their children who, on August 13, 2016, were involved in a motor accident with Hon. Read

Friday, 4th November 2016
Between November 2-4, 2016, the House of Representatives of Liberia's 53rd Legislature heal a retreat ostensibly to heal the wound that was created following a protracted political wrangling that nearly brought the entire Liberian nation to a constitutional crisis. Read

Tuesday, 1st November 2016
Since the residents of Gbannah decided to construct a Conference Center in Kpeye Town about a year ago, all efforts towards said project have principally been from citizens' contribution as well as that of Hon. Read

Saturday, 29th October 2016
Dear All:   I am constrained to make the below clarification surrounding on-going road rehabilitation in Meinpea-Mah District in District Number Eight, Nimba County. Read

Saturday, 29th October 2016
Dear all:   As in previous posting, I put in for the machine ever since May 30,2016 and the County Administration was able to respond on that fateful day. Read

Friday, 28th October 2016
Following serious feud that recently occurred between Kpoapa and Gban Towns during a football match in the former, which led to severe beating of people from both sides of the divide as well as burning of rice kitchen and loss of livestocks, peace seems to be gradually finding its way between the two neighbors. Read

Friday, 28th October 2016
As tension, once again, mount over delay in the payment of severance pay to former workers of Cocopa in District  Eight in Nimba County, which has led to threat by the workers to block the main highway to South-Eastern Liberia, the leadership of the County are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that calm remains the order of the day. Read

Friday, 28th October 2016
If all goes well, the nightmare usually experienced by residents of Zahn Chiefdom as a result of flood due to the poor state of the Vee bridge near Blowee, District Eight, will soon become thing of the past. Read

Monday, 24th October 2016
 On Sunday, October 23, 2016, Nimba County District league ended at the Ganta Sports Stadium with Yarpea Administrative District of Electoral District 2, Sanniquellie-Mah Statutory District, emerging as winner of the league. Read

Saturday, 22nd October 2016
On Friday, October 21, 2016, local community dwellers; civil society actors; county administration, including the Legislative Caucus, attended a day long brainstorming session in Yekepa on the planned relocation of Arcelor Mittal's operations from mount Tokedeh to the Gangra Mountain in Yarmehn District, further North-West of Tokedeh. Read

Friday, 21st October 2016
As the Legislature takes an annual leave, Hon. Read

Friday, 21st October 2016
On Sunday, October 17, 2016, a group of Lessonnoh citizens, under the banner, FRIENDS OF YOUNQUOI, in collaboration with the Christian Community of the chiefdom, held a Thanksgiving ceremony in honor of Hon. Read

Friday, 21st October 2016
Since the commencement of construction work on the Gipo Town Hall recently, progress on the work has gone on unabated. Read

Friday, 14th October 2016
On Tuesday, October 11, 2016, Liberians, under the auspices of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection and Partners, observed the International Day of theGirl Child at the Centennial Pavilion in Monrovia. Read

Wednesday, 12th October 2016
On Friday, October 7, 2016, a media and advocacy group known as MEDIA AGAINST REJECTION AND SEGREGATION ( MARS)" awarded Nimba County District Eight Representative, Hon. Read

Tuesday, 11th October 2016
Recently, the Joint Committee of the House of  Representatives, headed by Hon. Read

Friday, 7th October 2016
In the wake of the Ministry of Agriculture's reluctance in complying with the" by out " facility promised the farmers of Gbedin, Hon. Read

Friday, 7th October 2016
As Co-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives & Chairman of the Joint Committee looking at the Constitution Review Committee Report, hon. Read

Friday, 7th October 2016

Friday, 7th October 2016
These are the protocols recently ratified by the House of Representatives through the recommendation of its Joint Committee on the subject matter. Read

Sunday, 2nd October 2016
On Saturdsy, October 1,  2016, the remains of Rev. Read

Saturday, 1st October 2016
On Friday, September 30, 2016, the United People's Party ( UPP), commenced a two-day Congress in the Borough of New Kru Town, a suburb of Monrovia. Read

Friday, 30th September 2016
During the Compliance Message by the Acting Chair, an expanded Executive Committee members of the party was recommended and same was endorsed by delegates. Read

Wednesday, 28th September 2016
Hon. Read

Tuesday, 27th September 2016
On Monday, September 26, 2016, Hon Younquoi received, in audience, three Paramount Chiefs from Nimba at his Capitol Hill office. Read

Tuesday, 27th September 2016
On Friday, September 24, 2016, the residents of Gbahn Town, Gbannah Chiefdom, Nimba County Electoral District #8, were kind recipients of  the Liberia Media for Democratic Initiative (LMDI), in the latter's quest to engage Liberian into the constitutional review process of the country. Read

Friday, 23rd September 2016
On Thursday, the President of North Dakota Chapter of UNICCO, Mr. Read

Friday, 23rd September 2016
On Thursday, September 22, 2016, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the Lower Court from Buchanan in the Zolowee case. Read

Friday, 23rd September 2016
This is the draft Local Government Act 2015 of Liberia currently before my Governance Committee for perusal and passage before our recess. Read

Thursday, 22nd September 2016
Situation in Cocoa is now calm. Read

Thursday, 22nd September 2016
By Ishmael F. Read

Tuesday, 20th September 2016
Pursuant to his resolve to always identify with his people in time of distress or joy, Hon. Read

Tuesday, 20th September 2016
Gbannah, on Sunday, September 18, 2016, experienced another painful loss if life when a young man in his thirties hailing from Blohn was killed instantly by a Gasoline Tanker belonging to the Total Petroleum Company. Read

Monday, 5th September 2016
On Saturday, September 3, 2016, House Speaker J Alex Tyler visited Gipo Township, District 8, Nimba County, upon the invitation of the District Representative, Hon. Read

Monday, 5th September 2016
During the program, Speaker, Hons. Read

Friday, 26th August 2016
On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, Liberia celebrated the 169th Anniversary of its Flag The people of District Number Eight in Nimba County celebrated theirs in the Kpelleh Clan of the District, known as the Meinboyee Clan. Read

Saturday, 20th August 2016
when I read about your accident, from emails from our fellow citizens I found it hard to contain my emotion. Read

Thursday, 18th August 2016
On Saturday, August 13, 2016, what would have been referred to as a national tragedy, missed District 8 and Nimba County in particular and Liberia in general, when Hon. Read

Thursday, 18th August 2016
Hon Younquoi,   Sorry to hear about your accident. Read

Wednesday, 10th August 2016
As the controversy in the House of Representatives intensifies, Hon. Read

Tuesday, 9th August 2016
Hon. Read

Monday, 8th August 2016
On Saturday, July 30, 2016, Hon Younquoi visited the town of Dounpa in District #9, Nimba County, upon the invitation of Dr. Read

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016
While on his two-week "Independence Break" in his district, Hon Younquoi oversaw the introduction of mechanized farming on his farm in Dian, Gipo Township He brought in Rice Technicians along with their equipment for tilling the soil for plowing of two hectares of swam for intensive rice production in the area. Read

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016
While in pursuit of needed human resources and equipment, Hon Younquoi recently visited the Gbedin Rice Production site in District #2 in Nimba county  While there, he observed a huge stockpile of rice that has produced by the Dokodan Farmers Cooperative through the encouragement of Government and partners. Read

Friday, 29th July 2016
On Friday, July 23, 2016, the William V S Tubman Semi-High School in Kpain Township (CKA Kpain Public School), held its academic year-end program in the Township. Read

Friday, 29th July 2016
The annual recess of the Legislature in Liberia, which normally starts from July of the current year to the middle of the following January, is usually referred to by the citizens as "Agricultural Break" Many a times, this nomenclature has proven to be erroneous as many Lawmakers don't feel obliged to engage in Agriculture. Read

Wednesday, 27th July 2016
On Saturday, July 24, 2016, the people of Nimba County District 8 culminated a month-long mourning for another son of the the district into a befitting funeral service in his home town of Duayee, Gbehyi Chiefdom He was Mr Rudeen Sendolo, Director of Disease Control for Nimba County, who departed this earth about a month ago while co-facilitating a training workshop of Heath practitioners in Saclepea City. Read

Wednesday, 27th July 2016
In continuation of his Gbehyi visitation, Hon Younquoi visited Gbehyi Nyienyee during which he inspected the Ferry recently constructed on the Yar River through the assistance of Liberia Vice President, H. Read

Thursday, 21st July 2016
On July 9, 2016, Hon Younquoi formed part of the mammoth crowd that attended the funeral ceremonies of the late Hon. Read

Wednesday, 20th July 2016
On Saturday, July 9, 2016, the remains of the late Assistant Health Minister, Dr. Read

Tuesday, 5th July 2016
On Sunday, July 3, 2016, LICC, located in Ganta, Nimba County, graduated over hundreds of students in various academic and professional disciplines, including Agriculture; Education; Business Education; Religious Education, among others. Read

Tuesday, 28th June 2016
Saturday, June 25, 2016, will go into the annals of history of the people of Gipo Township, Nimba County District # 8, as a day of true unification Over the years (as far back as the mid 1950's) the people have been divided on political line. Read

Monday, 27th June 2016
While en route from Zao on the " Safe Drinking Water" visit, Hon Younquoi briefly stopped at a Church in Leegbanla, Lao Mongbaiin, along the Bunadin highway where members of the Bethel Churches around Ganta had congregated to fellowship with the local church. Read

Monday, 27th June 2016
On Sunday, June 19, 2016, the people of Zao Township, Meinpea-Mah Administrative District, Nimba County District 8, were happy recipients of a hand pump intended to provide safe drinking water for them The sponsor of this project is Hon. Read

Tuesday, 21st June 2016
Sunday, June 19, 2016, was Father Day for the Saclapea United Methodist Church ( SUMC) Though not members of the church, two Nimba Lawmakers: Hon R Matenokay Tingba (District 9) and Hon Larry P Younquoi ( a District 8), were honored along with nearly a dozen other prominent citizens and residents as "Special Fathers". Read

Monday, 20th June 2016
On Saturday, June 18, 2016, the Board of Trustees of the NCCC held her regular meeting in Sanniquellie The meeting discussed issues such as academic and financial updates as well as staff development The on-going audit of the institution by the General Auditing Commission was also discussed. Read

Friday, 17th June 2016
This is to inform Our dear Brothers and Sisters of  Gbannah and the larger Liberian Diaspora community that our brother, Dr Saye Dahn-Baawo, has died He died this morning, June 17, 2016, at a private clinic in Monrovia following a period of sickness. Read

Wednesday, 15th June 2016
On Monday, June 14, 2016, the Governance Commission and Ministry of Internal Affairs met with the Committees on Internal Affairs and Good Governance of both Houses of the Legislature to dialogue on the on-going decentralization efforts of Government with specific emphasis on " boundary harmonization". Read

Tuesday, 14th June 2016
On Saturday, June 11, 2016, the remains of the late Chester Slehkie was laid to Rest in his home town of Gbeseila near Ganta An accountant (MBA) by profession, Mr Slehkie served May years as Finance Officer for the Agricultural and Industrial Training Bureau (AITB) prior to his recent promotion as the Deputy Director General for Administration His death is indeed a blow to the entire Nimba community, especially. Read

Tuesday, 14th June 2016
On Saturday, June 14, 2016, the United Liberia Inland Church (ULIC) in Kpain Township broke ground for the construction of a modern and spacious Ediface The church needs a bigger building because it serves as the central church for the Kpain Local Church, which encompasses all the preaching points ( smaller churches) in the Lao Chiefdom, within the Flumpa Region. Read

Tuesday, 7th June 2016
Recently, a group of eighty men, all members of a social club from Gipo, visited Hon Younquoi at his Farm near Dian, Gipo Township The visit, which included provision of some labor support on his farm, also had a moment of discussion pertaining to the political future of the Honorable vis-a-vis his re-election bid in the pending 2017 Representative elections. Read

Tuesday, 7th June 2016
The hearty-spoken commissioner of Sanniquellie Mah District, Gabriel Gbanlon, wants the Nimba Legislative Caucus to consider the inclusion of the 17 district commissioners of the province on the list of delegates to the County Council Sittings. Read

Monday, 6th June 2016
On Thursday, June 1, 2016, the Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a dialogue between Nimba County Administration and the Legislative Caucus on setting the pace for the the preparation of a new and responsive County Development Agenda. Read

Monday, 6th June 2016
On Saturday, June 4, 2016, the late Mr. Read

Wednesday, 1st June 2016

Wednesday, 18th May 2016
On Wednesday, May 18, 2016, the joint committee of the House of Representatives, charged with the responsibility of studying the recommendations of the Constitution Review Committee (CRC), held a one-day Roundtable policy Dialogue with Civil Society actors, UNDP and a number of donor organizations currently working in the country. Read

Saturday, 14th May 2016
Following several weeks of hauling and pulling by Senator Johnson on the one hand and other members of the Nimba Caucus on the others over the political future of them all, these leaders have finally smoked peace pipe, each pledging not to repeat what has transpired This feat was achieved following the intervention of Superintendent Zuagele, Development Superintendent Dorr Cooper and Fiacal Affairs Superintendent Moses Mendein. Read

Saturday, 14th May 2016
On Saturday, May 14,2016, the United Liberia Inland Church in Kpallah Township  broke ground for the construction of an eight-room school in the town. Read

Wednesday, 11th May 2016
On Saturday, April 30, 2016, students hailing from Zahn Chiefdom, Nimba County District 8, attending the Bong Technical College in Gbarnga, launched their organization in Zahn Blowee At the program they called on their parents and well wishers to buttress their efforts in attaining technical education for the elevation of their Chiefdom and county, yea country. Read

Thursday, 5th May 2016
This goes to all brothers ans Sisters of Kpoapa and the entire Gbannah Community in the diaspora The death is announced of Ms Eva Siryee David of Kpoapa, Gbannah Chiefdom. Read

Wednesday, 4th May 2016
As part of Government policy to decentralize it services, she has embarked on establishing service centers all around the country. Read

Friday, 29th April 2016
On Sunday, April, 24, 2016, following the speaking engagement in Ganta, Hon Younquoi visited the Meinboryee Clan, comprising the Kpelleh People, to make good on his promise made during his previous visitation He delivered 35 bags of cement for the plastering of two portable schools being constructed by him and the folks of the are for the study classes he is sponsoring in the area. Read

Wednesday, 27th April 2016
On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, Hon Younquoi, as Chairman of the House Committee on Governance, participated in a one-day policy dialogue on emerging issues in decentralization and Deconcentration in Liberia The Dialogue, which brought together stakeholders from government agencies and the civil society, was aimed at assessing the progress, challenges and lesson learnt in the on-going decentralization program of the country. Read

Wednesday, 27th April 2016
On Saturday, April 23, 2016, Hon Younquoi served as Guest Speaker at the 6th Gala Anniversary of the Full Gospel Foundation School in Ganta, Nimba County In his statement, he call the students to make us of even the least opportunities as they may not be available tomorrow He recounted how an entire clan used to collect food and clothing to sponsor a student or two in the early days of the advent of education to rural a area and how such scenario has changed today. Read

Tuesday, 26th April 2016
On Monday, April 25,2916, the world celebrated this year's version of the "World Malaria Day In Liberia, Ganta was selected as the venue for said celebration. Read

Monday, 25th April 2016
On Saturday, April 23, 2016, Hon Younquoi received in audience Chiefs and elders of Gbannah Chiefdom at his YEESIASONNOH Farm in Dian, Gipo Township At said meeting, the Commissioner of Leewehpea-Mah Administrative District, Mr Nya Dakiayee, and Saclapea-Mah Statutory Superintendent, Mr. Read

Monday, 25th April 2016
During the recent send-off party for the departing Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Hon Younquoi was on of those that were recognized and certificated for their roles in helping the Ministry achieve its goals over the years. Read

Thursday, 21st April 2016
On Saturday, April 2, 2016, Hon Younquoi joined the chiefs, elders, youths and residents of Gbehyi Chiefdom to break ground for an Elementary School building in Duanpa This was colorful event that was attended by the Paramount Chief of Gbehyi, Mr. Read

Thursday, 14th April 2016
As part of his Easter Break Activities, Hon Younquoi served as Launcher of a rally intended to enhance the complete renovation of the Gipo Public School Prior to the rally the town had received a grant from a NGO for the town's cooperation in removing livestocks from the town The residents decided to use the $3000. Read

Thursday, 14th April 2016
On Saturday, April 9, 2016, hundreds of Lessonoh citizens and residents congregated in the township of Kpallah to appreciate the hard work of Hon Younquoi in and out of the Legislature since his incumbency as Representative of District #8 Known as  "Friends of Younquoi (FOY)", these people are people who believe in the stewardship of Hon Younquoi and have always stood by him in all endeavors They stood with him in 2011 and have vowed to be by him come 2017 This was a colorful event that brought together the youth, elderly of all genders. Read

Thursday, 14th April 2016
During the night hours of April 12, 2016, heavy windstorms blew off the roofs of nearly 15 houses in Kpeyee Town, Gbannah Chiefdom This left many occupants in disarray as they endured the night of torrential tropical rains which is just arriving in this part of the world Immediately following the incidence, Hon. Read

Wednesday, 6th April 2016
On Saturday, March 26, 2016, Hon Younquoi participated in the ground breaking ceremony of a Conference Center being constructed by the people of Gbannah Chiefdom at their famous Gbannah Merting point known as "GBUNGBANNAH" At the program, the citizens of the Chiefdom, headed by the President of the Gbannah Development Organization, called on Hon. Read

Tuesday, 5th April 2016
Following the Zahn Gampa ceremony, Hon Younquoi took his visit to Zahn-boie where he dedicated a newly constructed hand pump He also donated 4 bundles of Zinc to the United Liberia Inland Church in the Township. Read

Tuesday, 5th April 2016
At the conclusion of his visit to Zahn Chiefdom, Hon Younquoi made a donation of 25 bags of cement towards the completion of the Goolar school, while another donation of  4 bundles of zinc was made to Zahn Tonwin for the construction of a town hall. Read

Friday, 25th March 2016
The harsh economic realities facing small scale rubber growers in Liberia, masterminded by the monopolistic behavior of Firestone, has compelled Hon Younquoi to seek the intervention of the plenary of the House of Representatives. Read

Thursday, 24th March 2016
On Friday, March 18, 2016, Hon Younquoi began a tour of Zahn Chiefdom with a stop-over at Yekeyee, where he slept and addressed the residents the next day The elders, women and youths were on hand to receive their leader and give him their hearts' desires. Read

Tuesday, 22nd March 2016
The weekend of March 12 & 13, 2016, was a memory weekend in the life of residents of Meinboyee Clan, Lao Chiefdom, when their Representative, Hon Larry P Younquoi, paid an official visit to inspect some on-going projects as well as chat future agenda for the area's development The clan is mainly populated by Kpelleh People along the Nimba side of the St. Read

Tuesday, 22nd March 2016
While en route to Gilipa on Friday, March 13, 2016, Hon Younquoi visited the striking workers of Cocopa and advised them to remain calm while he works with his colleagues at the Legislature to impress on the Executive to find a lasting solution to their plights. Read

Thursday, 10th March 2016
Since his Famous February 28th visit with the Christian community in Lower Leesonnoh about one week and some days now, Hon Younquoi, on Sunday, March 6, 2016, honored another invitation from a Christian Community within his Political District This time, it was at the Kpain United Liberia Inland Church(ULIC), the leading Church of the Church in the Lao Chiefdom under the Flumpa Region of ULIC The United Liberia Inland Church, FOR ADMINISTRATIVE REASON, is subdivided into Regions, namely: the regions of Gaypeter (Grand Bassa); Rivercess(Rivercess); Flumpa , Saclapea, Bahn, Garplay, Butuo, Karnplay, Sannniquellie( all in Nimba) and Gbarnga (Bong). Read

Friday, 4th March 2016
On Sunday, February 28, 2016, Hon Younquoi visited the Township of Kpallah in Lower Lessonoh, District 8, Nimba Ciunty The visit was in response to an invitation extended by the United Liberia Inland Churches in the area, which include the Preaching Points in Donn, Guahn,Zahn Glesonlah; all operating under Kpallah Local Church. Read

Wednesday, 2nd March 2016
On Saturday, February 27, 2016, the citizens and residents of Gbannah Chiefdom congregated in the historic town of Kpeyee to rally for the construction of a conference center This project is being led by the Gbannah Development Organization, under the subspecies of Hon. Read

Friday, 26th February 2016
On Wednesday, February 24, 2016, the Joint Committee of the House of Representatives conducted its final public hearing on the CRC Report submitted to them in September 2015 Among the propositions elaborated upon were issues on Land Rights; Disability; Decentralization, with its resultant election of Superintendents, Commissioners; Paramount, Clan, General Town Chiefs; whether or not Liberia should be declared a Religious Nation, etc. Read

Friday, 26th February 2016
Two recent communications proffered by Hon Younquoi to the House of Representatives on subject matters as contained therein. Read

Thursday, 25th February 2016
One of the major highlights of the CRC hearing was the debate on whether or not Liberia should be declared a Christian Nation Representing the National Moslem Council were its President Sheik Omaru Abubarka Kamara; Secretary General Sheik Akibu Sheriff; Iman Yusuf Blah; Iman Ali Krai; Ali Sylla, among others The Liberia Council of Churches was represented by the Chairman of Liberia Christianization committee Rev. Read

Tuesday, 23rd February 2016
On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, Hon Younquoi, as Chair on Committee on Good Governance and Co-Chair on the Committee on Foreign Affairs, received in audience at his Capitol Building Office, two guests from the Secretariat of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), based in South Africa, who are currently visiting Liberia The guests are in Liberia to provide technical assistance to its Liberia Country Team as it embarks on a review of the governance and human right situation in the country as an indication of measuring Liberia's compliance with the AU protocol on African Peer Review. Read

Friday, 19th February 2016
On Sunday, February 7, 2016, Hon Younquoi joined a cross-section of Youths of Lao and Zahn in the rehabilitation of the highway leading to Duo, Zahn Chiefdom, passing through Lao Chiefdom, from the Saclepea Highway (CNC junction) The piece of road, which is used as an access road to the railroad linking the Nimba Iron Ore Mines with the port city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, has always been maintained by concessions operating the Nimba Mines. Read

Friday, 19th February 2016
As the tenure of the six-year tenure of the current Legislature approaches an end in less than twenty months, Hon Younquoi is leaving no stones unturned in his quest to reunify his people where differences exist He firstly started by resolving the saga between the residents of Wallah town and some rubber buyers of Gbannah over the use of heavy vehicles over the Wallah Bridge. Read

Thursday, 18th February 2016
As the drawdown of UNMIL forces from Liberia approaches, each community in Liberia is not taking its peace and security lightly The residents of Gipo and Dian towns,  being no exception, recently converged in the township to reassess their previous roles in maintaining peace as well as set new agenda for maintaining same This forum brought together prominent citizens of the township, including Mr. Read

Tuesday, 16th February 2016
As the first term of his stewardship to the people of District 8, yea Liberia, enters its final two years, Hon. Read

Tuesday, 16th February 2016
On Saturday, February 6, 2016, following his Kpain Visit, Hon Younquoi paid a solidarity visit to the people of Garr Clan, District # 2, particularly in Dingamon Town, where the clan's social club, GARR KWADOO, is currently carrying on inter-town sports tournament. Read

Monday, 1st February 2016
While in Sanniquellie for the County Sitting recently, the Caucus, led by its Co-chair, Hon Tingban, visited the campus of the Nimba County Community College The visit was intended to enable the caucus to see,first hand, the extent of work done with the grants provided by the sitting to the school in past. Read

Monday, 1st February 2016
On Saturday, January 30, 2016, Oldman Joseph N. Read

Monday, 1st February 2016
On the same Saturday, January 30, 2016, the city of Gompa also mourned the final departure of one of its GREATS, Hon Harry Carson Carson was a Catholic and his role in relocating the St Lawrence Parish from the Guinea Border to the center of Gompa and elevating its school to one of the enviable high schools in the county is matchless He was a lively and outgoing fellow who, once served as Chairman of the City Council and Chairman of Radio Kegeamah, the leading. Read

Thursday, 28th January 2016
On Wednesday, January 27, 2016, Dian Town and Johnny Blohn Village in Gbannah Chiefdom, Leewehpea Administrative District, Saclepea Statutory District, were declared Open Defecation Free (ODF) by USAID & Global Community-run project which encourages communities to construct latrines as well clean their environment The declaration led to the towns receiving certificates of cleanliness for being compliant. Read

Thursday, 28th January 2016
On Thursday, January 28, 2016, the Nimba Legislative Caucus, in line with Article 9 of the Budget Law of Liberia, convened the 2015/2016 County Council Sitting in Sanniquellie for the purpose of apportioning the budgetary allotment in the National Budget for the county The Council also receives report from the County Administration and the Project Management Committee (PMC), the body responsible for management of the county Social Development Fund. Read

Tuesday, 26th January 2016
Construction work on the annex of Flumpa Public School, now Flumpa Semi-High School, is completed Few days ago, the contractor for the project announced the completion of the work This prompted an inspection tour, followed by a stakeholder meeting with the DEO, PTA , School Administration and Chiefdom and District Officials on the campus of the school Hon Younquoi praised God for the successful completion of the work and announced to the gathering that the official dedication of the building will be scheduled soon following consultation with the Senators and members of the caucus since this is a Legislative Support project. Read

Monday, 25th January 2016
On Saturday, January 23,2016, the Gipo Vocational Training Institute was dedicated and opened to the public The dictation was conducted by the Bishop of the United Methodist Church of Liberia, Rev John Innis, through his Dean of the Bishop Cabinet, Rev. Read

Thursday, 21st January 2016
On Thursday, January 20, 2016, well wishers, sympathizers and family members of the late Old Man Gbanah met at the Congotown home of his daughter, Sarah, to discuss issues concerning his burial activities On behalf of the family, Sarah disclosed the plan the family has made concerning the burial of the Old Man. Read

Wednesday, 20th January 2016
On Thursday, January 20, 2016, the joint committee of the House of Representatives responsible for analyzing the report of the Constitution Review Committee, resumed work on the process after having recessed for some two months due to the year-end holidays Chaired by Hon Larry P. Read

Monday, 18th January 2016
On Saturday, January 16, 2016, Hon Younquoi visited Mr and Mrs Matthew Gono, a Liberian couple, residing in New Jersey, USA, who are currently visiting Liberia Matthew and Ruth Gono are currently in their home town (city) of Sanniquellie. Read

Monday, 18th January 2016
On Saturday, January 16, 2016, prior to his visit to Sanniquellie, attended a massive development gathering in the historic town of Kpeyee in Gbannah Chiefdom The chiefs, elders, women , youth and ordinary citizens gathered in the town to strategize the construction of a conference center in the town for use by the chiefdom. Read

Wednesday, 6th January 2016
The final stage of the 2015 National County League has commenced in Monrovia Eight teams/counties are involved in the quarter finals of the Football component On Sunday, Bong county threw out Maryland in football, while Nimba girls threw out Bong girls in kickball. Read

Monday, 4th January 2016
On Monday, Dec 28, 2015, Hon Younquoi continued his 2015 Holiday celebration in his District by participating in the launch of the Gbannah Students Union ( GBANSU), a student grouping comprising principally of university students studying in Monrovia, yet inclined to incorporate all tertiary and others students hailing from Gbannah Chiefdom Activities are the launching were in three-folds, namely 1) the launch of the organization; 2) honoring of some personalities ( dead or alive) hailing from the chiefdom who have made recognizable contribution to it's growth and development, and 3) raising of funds to support the students scholarship fund drive. Read

Monday, 4th January 2016
On December 24, 2015, Hon Younquoi visited Gbehyi Nyeanyee, District 8, to participate in this year's Gbehyi Loleawon's Annual Celebration which is normally used for holistically discussing development issues among Gbehyi citizens from all walks of life. Read

Monday, 4th January 2016
Since taking residence in the county on Dec 22, 2015, Hon Younquoi's is constructively utilizing whatever is left of his 2015 Constituency Break. Read

Monday, 4th January 2016
On Saturday, Dec. Read

Tuesday, 22nd December 2015
On Tuesday, Dec. Read

Friday, 18th December 2015
Between December 11-16, 2015, Hon Younquoi represented Liberia at a capacity building seminar for members of the African Parliamentary Forum On Population and Development in Nairobi, Kenya The seminar, which was organized by the Liaison office of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA- Africa Region), was aimed at equipping members of said body to incorporate the Demographic Dividend Agenda in national development planning, including budgeting and advocacy nationally and internationally. Read

Thursday, 17th December 2015
On Thursday, December 17, 2015, the Younquoi family began the process of adding another nuclear family to the family as the dowry payment for the wife-to-be of Mr Bishop Saye Younquoi tok place in the Airfield community of Monrovia in a solemn ceremony. Read

Friday, 11th December 2015
On Saturday, December 5, 2015, Hon Younquoi extended his visit to Banikpala, where the residents are contemplating on constructing a clinic Addressing the residents, Hon Younquoi assured them of his support once the project is approved the county health team. Read

Friday, 11th December 2015
On Thursday, December 10, 2015, Hon Younquoi, in his capacity as the house's Committee on Governance, attended  a day-long dialogue on " Political Parties in Elections Dispute Resolution: Issues and Challenges for 2017" Held under the auspices of the Governance Commission, the dialogue had a large proportion of active political parties in the country. Read

Wednesday, 9th December 2015
On Monday, December 7, 2015, the Governance Commission organized a one-day Roundtable Dialogue on the on-going  Decentralization exercise in the country Being chair of the Governance Committee in the House of Representatives, Hon Younquoi was invited to bring along ten other Representatives at this forum, which also brought together other stakeholders of which international partners were no exception. Read

Tuesday, 8th December 2015
On Friday, December 4, 2015, Hon Younquoi honored the invitation of residents of Wallah Town, Gbannah Chiefdom to inspect the rice field he had helped them plant during the past planting season  In their words, they wanted "the honorable to see the rice before they begin harvest" They recounted the amount of assistance given them by the honorable, which include seed, tools and even cash in bringing the production activities of this 35-man farming group to its current level. Read

Tuesday, 8th December 2015
On Saturday, December 5, 2015 Hon Younquoi paid an impromptu visit to Elder Wilfred Mandein at the latter's Gbelleh Junction "Benpa" Estate in Lao Chiefdom, Meinpea-Mah Administrative District This courtesy call on the part of the Honorable was in appreciation of the invaluable elderly role being played by this elderly statesman in the county since his retirement from LAMCO before the civil war. Read

Monday, 30th November 2015
On Saturday, November 28, 2015, The Younquoi family experienced a dramatic turn in its recent publicity when one of its daughters, Ms Priscilla K Younquoi, was joined into holy matrimony with Mr Jonathan Julius at a colorful ceremony in the Police Academy Inland Church in Paynesville, Liberia. Read

Sunday, 29th November 2015
On Thursday, November 19, 2015, the Women Legislative Caucus of the 53rd Legislature of Liberia commenced a two-day retreat in Buchanan , Grand Bassa County aimed ensuring that the on-going constitutional review makes provisions for more women participation in national life, including politics To achieve this feat, the women, headed by Bong County Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor, brought together dozens of male Legislators, whom they refer to as "Male Champions". Read

Wednesday, 25th November 2015
On Friday, November 20, 2015, Hon Younquoi gave the Keynote address at celebration of  the 42nd Anniversary of the Demographic Unit of Liberia Hon Younquoi, an Alumina of the unit, expressed appreciation to the faculty and students for affording him the opportunity of a reunion with the "Demographic Unit" family The Unit, has now been renamed the Institute of Population Studies ( IPS) and elevated to a degree granting status, was established by a grant of the United Nations Population Fund ( UNFPA), in collaboration with the Government of a Liberia, in 1973. Read

Sunday, 22nd November 2015
Prior to the convening of a retreat on the propositions of the on-going review of the Liberian Constitutional review by the Leadership of the the House of Representatives in Ganta, Nimba, its Joint Committee held numerous planning sessions with the Chair  and members of the Constitutional Review Commission at the Capitol Building These activities culminated into a major press conference which brought together the Chairmen of the three committees constituting the joint committee, namely Hon Worlea Saywah Dunah of the Judiciary Committee; Hon Gabriel Smith of the Elections and Inauguration Committee and Hon Larry P Younquoi of the Governance Committee who also happens to be the Chairman of said Joint Committee. Read

Sunday, 22nd November 2015
Considering the importance that the House of Representatives attaches the on-going constitutional review in Liberia, it's Leadership recently approved a request from its Joint Committee on the subject matter for a retreat even as the Legislature is on its annual break. Read

Saturday, 21st November 2015
The mother of Hon Larry P Younquoi , Old-lady Yah Dorcas Younquoi was finally laid to rest on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at her Younquoi Farm family plot in Dian Town, Gipo Township The funeral activities, which many referred to as celebration of the productive life of the old-Ma, was characterized by mediation, preaching of the word of God, jubilation, and weeping. Read

Thursday, 12th November 2015
On Saturday, November 7, 2015, the Board of Directors of the Nimba County Community College met at the campus of the college in Sanniquellie to review the level of preparation the Administration of the college has made towards the pending first graduation exercisesWorks reviewed included: the souvenir, issues of gowns, degree certificate, the guest speaker, the venue, etc. Read

Monday, 2nd November 2015
Following an exhaustive family meeting in Gipo over the weekend, it has been agreed that the late Mother Yah Dorcas Younquoi ( CKA Ma Christian) will be laid to rest at her farm family plot near Dian Town, Gipo Township on Saturday, November 14, 2015. Read

Monday, 2nd November 2015
Though bereaved, Hon. Read

Tuesday, 27th October 2015
The sad news is announced of the death of Mother Yah Dorcas Younquoi ( aka Yah Myghen), mother of Hon Larry P Younquoi She died around 6:00 AM on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at her residence in Gipo Township She was in her mid 80's Her remains is currently deposited at the Sanana Funeral Service in Ganta Funeral arrangement will be announced. Read

Thursday, 22nd October 2015
As a farmer and friends of farmers, Hon Younquoi, on Friday, October 16, 2015, honored an invitation from the Christian Association of Liberian Farmers (CALF), in collaboration with the Association of Evangelicals of Liberia (AEL) & Liberia  Council of Churches (LCC), a food security Conference held at ELWA Compound near Monrovia. Read

Thursday, 22nd October 2015
On the same the weekend of October 17, 2015 Hon Younquoi visited Kpaekpoa and Kpanpa towns in Leesonnoh, Leewehpea District in Saclapea-Mah Statutory, Nimba County He firstly participated in a rally in Kpaekpoa during which he opened the rally with  $100. Read

Tuesday, 20th October 2015
Over the years, Hon Younquoi has seen the soil as the bank in which all and sundry need to invest. Read

Tuesday, 13th October 2015
Since the founding of the Nimba Community College few years ago, the college is bracing itself to put up its first graduates in December 2015. Read

Monday, 12th October 2015
Following the transmission of the validated report of the Constitutional Review Committee to the House of Representatives by President Sirleaf, the House forwarded said document to the joint committee, comprising Good Governance; Judiciary and Elections & Inauguration The joint in turn had a day long technical meeting with related institutions The technical meeting, which was chaired by Hon. Read

Saturday, 10th October 2015
Following the completion of the national duty (i. Read

Wednesday, 30th September 2015
On Tuesday, Sept 22, 2015, the House of Representatives set up a five-man committee, headed by Hon Larry P Younquoi, to steer the funeral activities of their colleague, the late Hon. Read

Saturday, 26th September 2015
While recently in the district, particularly in Gipo, with her husband, Hon Younquoi, to participate in development brainstorming, Mrs Annie Younquoi found time to hold " tete-a-tete" with several women groups who have congregated in Gipo for the meeting The latest of such gatherings was the one she held with the women of Gipo on Sunday September 20, 2015, prior her departure to Monrovia. Read

Monday, 21st September 2015
Barely two days following a very successful mediation gathering of Gipo citizens, under the auspices of the Gipo University Students Association in Monrovia, another record-breaking event took place in Gipo over the week-end of 19th September 2015 It was a development brainstorming gathering organized by key stakeholders of the chiefdom, under the auspices of the Youth Wing of the Gbannah Development Organization (GDO) The meeting brought together representatives of all strata of the population, including youth,women, elders, zoes, teachers, Christians, etc. Read

Friday, 18th September 2015
Citizens of Gipo Township are leaving no stones upturned in ensuring that peace and unity remain the hallmark of their co-existence, particularly during the course of the pending political campaign Upon hearing that their parents were concerned about rumors of Mr Paye Daniel, a son of Gipo, is interested in running for the House of Representatives in District #8, they have been concerned Their concern stems from the fact that the same position is currently being occupied by another son, Hon Larry P Younquoi Against this background, university students hailing from the township attending in Monrovia, under the guidance of their elders. Read

Tuesday, 15th September 2015
The Methodist-run hospital in Ganta has, of late, been receiving a serious facelift since its new Administrator, Mr Patrick Mator, took over few months ago Besides instituting improvement in the physical outlook of the interior, it's exterior is well painted, thus making it an attraction to the eye and people A separate screening room has also been erected and the facility is about to be fenced in What a progress! Despite these, more help are still needed. Read

Sunday, 13th September 2015
On Saturday, September 12 2015, Hon Younquoi served as Keynote speaker at the launch of the Council of Gbannah Volunteers, a Think Thanks of Gbannah Citizens residing in the United States of America The launch, which took place via a teleconference, was also attended by a cross-section of District # 8 students attending the Nimba County Community College in Sanniquellie. Read

Sunday, 13th September 2015
While on the campus of NCCC to serve as Keynote Speaker of Council of Gbannah Volunteers, Hon Younquoi reignited his financial aid program for students hailing from the district While re admitting 20 students into the scholarship scheme, Hon Younquoi deposited the initial amount if US $600. Read

Sunday, 13th September 2015
On Friday, September 11, 2015, Hon Younquoi toured Kpain Township to meet with authorities of said settlement While there, he addressed teachers of the district ( Saclapea Education District 2) who had gone there for a workshop in preparation for the pending commencement of school later this month These teachers came from all schools in Gbannah, Zahn & Lao. Read

Sunday, 13th September 2015
The main reason for the visit of Hon Younquoi to the township was ti inform the Commissioner and residents of the success he scored in placing $100,000. Read

Sunday, 13th September 2015
During the weekend of September 12, 2015, two of the various projects being undertaken in District 8 reached an an appreciable level of progress In fact, the Kpoapa school was completed and turned over to the first citizen of the district, Hon. Read

Thursday, 10th September 2015
On Wednesday, Sept 9, 2015, Hon Younquoi met with a large segment of University students hailing from Lessonnoh Chiefdom, Leewehpea Administrative District, in the conference room at the Capitol Buildung in Monrovia The meeting was made possible by Hon Festus Quoi, the Chief of Office Staff of Hon Younquoi. Read

Sunday, 6th September 2015
Saturday, September 5, 2015, was a memorable day in the life of University Students hailing from District attending in Monrovia when they successfully held a fund raising rally and acquaintance gathering in Paynesville near Monrovia As first citizen of the district, Hon Younquoi, was the fulcrum around which the entire process evolved. Read

Saturday, 5th September 2015
Residents of Gipo Township, District #8, in particular and Nimba County, yea Liberia, in general, will soon have access to modern vocational-technical education The school, being constructed by Rev Priscilla Legay Jaiah (Mrs), with the assistance of some Methodist folks from oversea, is situated on Legay farm a kilometer from the township. Read

Saturday, 5th September 2015
On Saturday, August 29, 2015, youths from from all walks of life in Nimba, including the seventeen Administrative Districts, converged on Bunadin Headquarters, under the banner, the Nimba Youth Caucus, to discuss issues of common interest to them and the county in general The interim Chairman of this Caucus is the Youth Leader of  Meinpea-Mah Administrative District in District 8, Mr. Read

Saturday, 5th September 2015
On Friday, August 28, 2015, Hon Younquoi visited the newly opened clinic in Tunukpuyee Town, Lao Chiefdom , to finalize the electrification of the facility he started some times ago While lobbying with the county health team for the furnishing and eventual opening of the facility, Hon Younquoi took an electrician to  this self-help facility and commenced electrifying same. Read

Friday, 28th August 2015
On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, Hon Younquoi served as a panelist/discussant at a one-day Roundtable conference on the utilization of the County Development in the counties The forum was intended to unveil the result of a research carried by the Governance Commission on the use of the social and County development allocated to each county so as to determine whether or not it's intended objective is being achieved Following the presentation of the findings by Dr. Read

Friday, 28th August 2015
Students hailing from Gipo attending various tertiary institutions in and around Monrovia, on Thursday, August 27, 2015, held a very successful meeting with Hon Younquoi at a local school in Paynesville In their statement, they expressed their desire for the Honorable to "draw them near" as he is their father, first and foremost, before being the father of the entire district youth. Read

Friday, 28th August 2015
Since the fateful accident on the Monrovia-Gbarnga Highway, in which some citizens of Nimba were involved, Hon Younquoi has made it his business to pay regular visits to those that were hospitalized Notable among them is the popular musician and a son of Gbannah, Brother Levi Zenawi( Levi Quoi). Read

Wednesday, 26th August 2015
On Friday, August 22, Hon Younquoi was among scores of sympathizers that accompanied the remains of the late Horace Yansein to his home town of Zoe Luapa, Zoe-Geh Statutory District, District 7,  Nimba County Present at this occasion were Hon. Read

Thursday, 20th August 2015
A keynote Speech Delivered by Hon Larry P Younquoi  At The Launch of Gbannah Lehdoo In Ganta, Nimba County; July 18, 2015. Read

Tuesday, 18th August 2015
Pursuant to the mandate of the Plenary Of the House of Representatives, the Committee on Lands, Mines, Energy & environment, met with the Land Commission in the joint Chamber of the Legislature on Monday, August 17, 2015 The committee is chaired by Hon Gabriel Nyenka of Montserrado and co-chaired by Hon Stephen Karfee of Margibi. Read

Monday, 17th August 2015
On August 6, 2015, Hon Younquoi proffered two communications on the floor of the house of Representative One has to do with abandoned Kpain Smallholder Rice Project, while the other was about the moratorium placed on public land sale, which also carries with it non-signing of land deeds by the president since the establishment of the Land Commission more than two years ago These communications are in line with the oversight responsibilities of the honorable. Read

Sunday, 16th August 2015
On Saturday, August 15, 2015, Hon Younquoi visited the Dahn Wahnlor family of Kpeikpoa; Ben Family of Burtein; Wonletuo Family of Kpallah and Gbato Family of Kpallah and Saye Quee Family of Donn for the death of their respective fathers. Read

Wednesday, 12th August 2015
In his capacity as Chairman of the House Standing Committee on Good Governance and Government Reform, Hon Younquoi recently received a compiled views of ordinary Liberians from the Center for Media Studies and Peace Building (CEMESP),a local NGO The ceremony, which took place the Grand Royal Hotel in Monrovia, brought together representatives from the Governance Commission ( Hon Yarsuo Weh-Dorliae), the Decentralization Secretariat (Dr Roosevelt Jayjay), OSEWA, among others. Read

Monday, 10th August 2015
Following the Sanniquellie round table conference on the Social Development along with folks of the NDI and the Natural Resource Management Consortium, Hon Younquoi attended similar visit to Gbarnga The team visited the County Administration and other stakeholders. Read

Saturday, 8th August 2015
Between August 6-9, the National Democratic Institute  for International Affairs (NDI), in collaboration with the National Resource Management Consortium, a local Advocacy NGO, carried out a two-prong consultation on the Social Development Funds in the country In order take room for legislative input in the process, four sitting lawmakers were invited, including Hon ounquoi of Nimba County. Read

Thursday, 6th August 2015
Recently at his Capitol Building office, Hon Younquoi received in audience, the Paramount Chief Of Boe & Quilla Chiefdom, Tappita Statutory District, Mr Franklin Toweh Chief Toweh is the Chairman of the Nimba County Paramount a Chief Council. Read

Thursday, 6th August 2015
Mr Kennedy Domah of Gbeyi Duayee Town, Nimba County District #8, was recently a recipient of a certificate from the State Legislature of Massachusetts for his role in promoting participatory Democracy in Liberia Mr Domah is a founder and Manager of Radio Yalama in Saclapea City He is a second-term President of the Nimba Community Radio Association (NICORA). Read

Thursday, 6th August 2015
This year's mid-year Conference of the United Liberia Inland Church, Flumpa Region, was hosted by Ganta Local Church Hon Younquoi attended the closing session of the conference on Saturday, August 1, 2015 One of the key speakers at the conference was Dr James Nuwoe Kiamu, former President of the United Liberia Inland Church Also leaders and members of the Inland Churches that make up the Flumpa Region, including those from Gbannah, Bain/Ganta and Lao, were in attendance. Read

Wednesday, 5th August 2015
The Dahn Gborwin Public School, commonly known as the Gbahn Public School, is currently experiencing a facelift through a comprehensive renovation by an exploration company, Jonah Capital. Read

Wednesday, 5th August 2015
In addition to his official duties( ie constituency visitation) in the county during weekends, Hon Younquoi finds time to engage in vigorous planting activities on his farm After having exhausted his own grown nurseries, he goes to some commercial nurseries in the county to get improved planting materials He was recently in Saclapea to fetch improved cocoa and orange seedlings for his farm. Read

Wednesday, 29th July 2015
On Wednesday, July 29, Hon Younquoi Zuaplay, Doe District, Tappita Statutory District to sympathize with the Beaie family who had lost their son, Jeremiah after a brief illness  at the Jackson F Doe Hospital in Tappita The Younquoi's and Beaie's are in-laws as Theo Younquoi, the youngest of the Younquoi's, is married to Viola Beaie On his way to Zuaplay, through Goghen and Kenpea,  Hon Younquoi experienced the beauty of nature as he passed through the thick forest. Read

Sunday, 26th July 2015
On Sunday, July 26, 2015, Hon Younquoi was honored by the headquarters church of the United Liberia Inland Church on VP Road , Old Road, Monrovia, as a " Special Father" for his immeasurable contributions towards the church, especially towards it's youth development The ceremony, for which Hon Younquoi neither went with the President to the South Eastern Liberia for the 26th celebration, nor  Nimba to spend the day with his district This ceremony was least expected by the honorable, except for the past few days when he was approached of his selection for the honor by the men Department. Read

Sunday, 19th July 2015
Nimba county has embarked upon taking a more robust and systematic step towards being victorious in the upcoming National County meet In preparation for the football league, it is holding an Intra-political district league in football. Read

Sunday, 19th July 2015
Saturday was a memorable day for the people of District 8 as they did not only celebrate victory from their compatriots from other districts in the ongoing sports league, they also witnessed one of the chiefdom in the district launch it's social organization in the city of Ganta Gbannah Lehdoo is a social group organized by residents of Ganta with roots from Gbannah for the purpose of socialization and participation in the development of their chiefdom. Read

Wednesday, 15th July 2015

Saturday, 11th July 2015
On Saturday, July 11, 2015, an organization of Nimbaians residing in Grand Gedeh County known as "Nimba Kwakerdo" was launched in the provincial city of Zwedru. Read

Wednesday, 8th July 2015
By Cyrus Konah The Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) has conducted a daylong policy dialogue to strengthen legislative committees’ effectiveness for transparency and accountability The program which took place at the Corina Hotel in Sinkor Wednesday brought together panelists from the House of Representatives, CSOs, the Liberian Senate, USAID, NDI-Liberia amongst others. Read

Friday, 3rd July 2015
Since taking over as Nimba County representative on the Way, Means, Finance and Development Planning Committee of the Honorable House of Representative, Hon Younquoi has been quietly discharging his duty, along with his colleagues, since the draft budget was turned over to the legislature early June this year The presentation of the budget was delayed by one month upon the request of the Chief Executive who needed more time given the post-Ebola situation Inspire of the late arrival of the draft, the committee resolved to pass the budget before the end of July This requires the extension of its working hour to 9am to 6 pm daily except Sunday. Read

Monday, 29th June 2015
The Planned Parenthood Association of Liberia (PPAL), formerly Family Planning Association of Liberia, on Saturday, June 27, 2015, honored Nimba county District #8 Representative, Hon Larry P Younquoi, for his invaluable support given to the cause of the Association over the years The honoring program, which took place at the Corina Hotel in Monrovia, also included Montserrado District #9 Representative, Hon. Read

Saturday, 27th June 2015
On Saturday, June 27, 2015, the remain of Mr Eugene Quiqui, the eldest brother of Cllr Gbeisay, was interred on the Quiqui farm near Ganta along the Sanniquellie highway between Gbeisala and Dangamon Mr Quiqui, who was a Magistrate in Bunadin, died few weeks ago after a period of illness The ceremony brought together a number of well wishers, including Hon Robert Kimen, former Superintendent of Nimba; his brother Peter Kimen; Duke Yeanue, among others. Read

Friday, 26th June 2015
Friday, June 26, 2015, was a memorable time in the life of travelers passing through the Township of Gipo connecting to Sanniquellue-Ganta High Way when the bridge that once connected them was finally declared out-of-use by authorities of the township, including Hon Younquoi Having consulted the County development team for weeks about the condition of the bridge, the Honorable finally decided to order the closure of the road to motorist while the county government put plans in place for rehabilitation. Read

Friday, 26th June 2015
On Friday, June 26, 2015, the remains of the late mother of the Superintendent of Nimba County was finally laid to rest at the United Methodist Cemetery on the Methodist Compound in Ganta Having served as Missionary along with her husband, Nya Gami Zuagele, for well over six decades, she was given the honor befitting a missionary The funeral was officiated by scores of United Methodist greats, including Retires Bishop Arthur Kulah. Read

Thursday, 18th June 2015
Over the week-end of June 18-21, Hon Younquoi received guest workers from various towns in Lao and Zahn as a way of reciprocating the numerous visits he has paid them since his incumbency as Representative, especially since the beginning of 2015 Those in attendance includes some residents of Zahn Goola, Gampa, Zahn-boie and Duo. Read

Saturday, 13th June 2015
On Saturday, June 13, 2015, Hon Younquoi was one of two Lawmakers present at the scholarship policy vetting process for the $175,000. Read

Saturday, 13th June 2015
Following a successful scholarship vetting exercise in Sanniquellie, Hon Younquoi, on the same Saturday, visited the road construction site between Ganta and the Guinean Border The Pavement has now stopped at the police station in downtown Ganta, while the clearance for the remaining portion has hit the Guinea border in the same city. Read

Friday, 12th June 2015
On Friday, June 12, 2015, Hon Younquoi visited the Small Holder Rice Project situated in Kpain Township in District #8 As part of comprehensive tour of the district, the visit afforded the Honorable the opportunity to get first hand information about the project According to the Caretaker of the project site, Sam Boakai, the total of 1600 acres of land was chosen by Government in 1963 for the sole purpose of enhancing food production in the country just as in the case of Gbedin, Kpatawee, Foya, etc. Read

Saturday, 6th June 2015
On Saturday, June 6, 2015, Hon Younquoi held a one-day consultative meeting with the local staff of his office in Flumpa headquarters The Essence of the meeting was to compare notes, taking into consideration an appraisal of the entire running of his office thus far In the process, lessons learned and way-forward in rendering needed services to the people of the district were established. Read

Saturday, 6th June 2015
On Saturday, June 6, 2015, Hon Younquoi received the latest of his numerous appreciation and motivational songs from the currently most senior musical artist of Nimba, Mr Nyan Dokpa He paired with another Nimba musician, Dixon, to produce this current masterpiece Like in other such productions, the latest production catalogues some of the achievements of Hon. Read

Saturday, 6th June 2015
On Sunday, June 7, Hon Younquoi held a one-day consultative meeting with official and residents of the Township High on the agenda were: briefing on the assessment made by the Ministry of Public Works, through a Chinese road construction company; the status of the rent received fro the Lone Star Cell phone company; the status of the former WHO land; the need for a grave yard in the town and the utilization of the $1,500. Read

Monday, 1st June 2015
Following the Flumpa and Saclapea Programs, Hon Younquoi joined the President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate , Senator Amah Zulu Jallah and Nimba County District #1 Representative, Hon Jeremiah Koung, at the Ganta United Methodist Gymnasium to celebrate the induction of the Officers of the Garr Kwadoo Social Club. Read

Sunday, 31st May 2015
On Sunday, May 31, 2015, Hon Younquoi was among dignitaries of the Liberian society that were honored by the Central Christian Ministry on the Capital By-Pass in Monrovia In his statement during the confederal of the honor to Hon Younquoi and Co, Rev Clinton Gbowah, the Overseer of the Church, told the gathering that his church was honoring the Honorable because of his numerous and selfless contribution towards the emancipation of mankind from poverty and deprivation. Read

Friday, 29th May 2015
On Friday, May 29, 2015, hon Younquoi formed a part of an array of local government and educational officials of District 8, Nimba County, to break ground for an Annex to the Flumpa Semi-High School at the district headquarters of Flumpa The ceremony, which brought together all the twelve District Education Officers of the County along with the Chief Educarion Officer (CEO) the county, was also attended by the District Commissioner and his corps of officers, including General, Clan & Paramount Chiefs. Read

Friday, 29th May 2015
Following the hosting of the ground braking ceremony in Flumpa on Friday, Hon Younquoi honored the invitation of the Saclapea United Liberia Inland Mission School during its homecoming program intended for raising of funds to construct an annex to the High School which is fast growing In his message, he call on the young people not to forget their roots. Read

Thursday, 28th May 2015
On Saturday, May 30, the remains of Teacher Paye D. Read

Wednesday, 27th May 2015
On Wednesday, May 27, 2015, Hon Younquoi attended a High  Level  Roundtable Assessment of National Anti-Corruption Strategy under the auspices  of the Governance Commission of Liberia The ceremony, which was moderated by Vice President Joseph N Boakai, centered around discussion on the findings of an assessment done on anti-corruption or integrity institutions by a group of World-sponsored consultants In attendance were Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor, Dr Sawyer, among others. Read

Wednesday, 27th May 2015
On Sunday, May 24, 2015, Hon Younquoi held a reconciliation meeting in his home town of Dian, Gipo a Township, where a protracted period of misunderstanding between a segment of the population has stalled development of this small hamlet With the smoking of the piece pipe, residents vowed to work with Hon Younquoi to complete the construction of the Town hall which started more than two years ago. Read

Tuesday, 26th May 2015
On Friday, May 22, 2015, Hon Younquoi presided over a "District Council" intended for the allocation of funds that have been set aside from the Arcelor Mittal Social Development Funds for use by those communities directly affected by the company's operations. Read

Monday, 25th May 2015
On Saturday, May 23, the Nimba County Community Radio Association (NiCORA) held a ground Breaking for the construction of its office/ resource center in Sanniquellie, Nimba County. Read

Monday, 25th May 2015
On Saturday, May 23, Hon Younquoi led a team of Chain Saw operators to the remote clan of Meinboyee in Lao Chiefdom in his political district prior to his departure for Sanniquellie for Media Program Having earlier collaborated with the citizens to side brush said stretch of road, he moved to complete the project by helping to construct the various bridges This is expected to bring relief to the residents as their goods will easily access the market and vice versa Read

Monday, 25th May 2015
While ore turning from Sanniquellie for the NiCORA program, Hon Younquoi stopped at the camp site of CSE, a Senegalese company that is constructing the Ganta-Yekepa highway The site is in Saye Sippy Farm, Garr Clan, Nimba county, where the crushing of rocks will soon begin Before departing, he encouraged the security guards on duty and admonished them to take their responsibility serious. Read

Friday, 22nd May 2015
Cyrus Konah reports It was a scene to witness over the weekend when Nimba county electoral district#8 Rep Larry Younquoi was seemed crossing over the Yarr-River in a canoe to convey development message in a little town of Gounla Gounla is a Town located in district number eight Nimba County but its split-up from towns within the district by the river has always make Hon. Read

Friday, 22nd May 2015
The Legislative Caucus of Nimba has intervened in breaking the deadlock in the scrap situation in the county. Read

Monday, 18th May 2015
Dear all: I like to thank all our compatriots for commenting on postings about my activities in District 8, the county, yea Liberia What this shows is that you folks are reading; which is main crux of the effort of establishing the website and the other social media outlets  I specifically wish to thank brothers Fele, Gbumblee, and Paye for their comments of late. Read

Friday, 15th May 2015
It appears like the official title of Hon Younquoi May soon be changed from Law Maker to "Chief "Launcher- in-Chief considering the barrage of requests pouring into his office to serve as launcher for one project or another. Read

Wednesday, 13th May 2015
Hon Younquoi has, of late, embarked on helping the people of Lao Meinboyee Clan, the all-Kpelleh  clan, of District 8, to side brush their road starting from the first town, Sokopa,  on the main coal tile road right after St. Read

Wednesday, 6th May 2015
Following threat in recent times by workers of the Cocopa Rubber Plantation in District 8, Nimba County, to lay down their tools, followed by a subsequent booking of an appointment by Hon Younquoi to meet the President of Liberia on the subject matter, said meeting was finally held on May 6,   2015 at the Foreign Affairs Offices of the President. Read

Tuesday, 5th May 2015
On Sunday, May 3, 2015, Hon Younquoi served as Launcher of the new Nimba Unity music produced by a young Nimba Music Star, Morris Nekarmah King in the Ganta United Methodist Gymnasium. Read

Sunday, 3rd May 2015
Following the Induction ceremony in Kpain Township, Hon Younquoi joined the Labor Commissioner of Nimba, Mr. Read

Saturday, 2nd May 2015
On May 2, 2015, Hon Younquoi participated in the induction ceremony of the newly elected officers of the District 8 students at the Nimba county community college in Kpain Township, Nimba county. Read

Friday, 1st May 2015
Nimba County senator Prince Yormie Johnson Wednesday organized a dinner forum for members of the county Legislative caucus to resolve on how they can smoke peace pipe after years of disagreement among some members. Read

Thursday, 30th April 2015
On Wednesday, April 29, 2015, Hon Younquoi received in audience, the Acting Resident Representative of the United Nations Representative to Liberia, Dr Remi Sogunro, at his Capital Hill office Hon Younquoi, being the Chairman of the Liberian Parliamentarian Forum for Population and Development, was please to receive this envoy The both men deliberated on the UNFPA and the Government of Liberia can collaborate in ensuring that Liberia benefits from it demography. Read

Sunday, 26th April 2015
On Sunday, April 26, Hon Younquoi began wrapping up his busy week-end with a well at tended town-hall meeting with the people of Kpain He used the forum to present the $1,500 USD  he was able to get put of the Liberia Telecommunication Corporation for using the former clan chief compound in the township as a site for its communication tower. Read

Saturday, 25th April 2015
On Saturday, April 25, 2015, Hon Younquoi met with Students of District 8 attending the Liberia International Christian College in Ganta, Nimba County  The essence of the visit was to get acquainted with the students and defray his obligation regarding his financial aid program at the institution. Read

Saturday, 25th April 2015
On Saturday, April 25, 2015, Hon Younquoi participated in a ground breaking exercise of the United Liberia Inland Church in Cocopa Camp one Speaking to the huge crowd that had gathered to give helping hands to the Church, Hon Younquoi cautioned them to disabuse their minds of all and sundry about the wrongly held belief that Inland Church is a poor church. Read

Saturday, 25th April 2015
At the close of a very busy week-end, Hon Younquoi attended the weekly meeting of the Gbannah people residing in Ganta, under the banner, "Gbannah Lehdoe This acquaintance meeting had been requested by the membership, including its leadership. Read

Friday, 24th April 2015
On Friday, April 24, 2015, Hon Younquoi led a delegation, comprising the Director-General of the National Bureau of Concession ( NBC), to the said bridge in Zahn Chiefdom to assess its safety status. Read

Friday, 24th April 2015
On Friday, April 24, 2015, Hon Younquoi broke ground for the construction of a four-room annex to the Kpoapa-Whenten Public School in Gbannah, District #8, Nimba County Built by the community, the school has been outstripped by the teeming population of school-going children. Read

Thursday, 23rd April 2015
On Thursday, April 23, Hon. Read

Thursday, 23rd April 2015
On Thursday, April 23, 2015, farmers from Saclapea-mah district attended a one-day Round a Table Discussion with the Association of Evangelicals(AEL), the Liberia Council of Churches ( LCC) and their partner, the Christian Association of Liberian Farmers (CALF) on the Younquoi farm in Gipo Township Hon Younquoi, himself a member of CALF, accepted the request to host this discussion aimed at hearing direct the farmers and faith leaders, the actual problems they encounter in the process of producing food and cash crops for their survivor. Read

Friday, 17th April 2015
Shortly before President Sirleaf left for Washington DC in mid April 2015, she met with the Nimba Legislative Caucus along with the Superintendent of the county and his team. Read

Wednesday, 8th April 2015
While on the Easter break in his district, Hon Younquoi participated in a peace talk that led to finding lasting solution to a chronic land dispute between  residents of Kpallah and Donn towns in Lessonnoh chiefdom, Disrrict 8. Read

Wednesday, 8th April 2015
Nimba county electoral district number 8 Representative Larry P Younquoi has commenced the distribution of Ebola prevention materials in his district The items include sanitizer, Tap soap and Chloride among others. Read

Tuesday, 7th April 2015
In addition to his active participation in the fight against Ebola while on Easter break, Hon Younquoi participated in bringing about peaceful resolution of chronic land dispute between   resident of Kpallah and Donn towns in Lessonnoh Chiefdom, District 8. Read

Wednesday, 1st April 2015
Following his return from a month-long visit to the United States, Hon Younquoi took a huge consignment of medical drugs & supplies as well as detergents to the County health team in Sanniquelllie for distribution within the health system of the county. Read

Tuesday, 31st March 2015
On Tuesday, March 31, 2015! Hon Larry P. Read

Monday, 30th March 2015
Nimba County Electoral District # 8 Representative Larry Payetozay Younquoi on Monday attended the opening session of the on-going National Constitutional Conference on the review of the 1986 Constitution taking place in Gbarnga, Bong County   Representative Younquoi chairs the House of Representatives Committee on Good Governance. Read

Sunday, 29th March 2015
Nimba County District # 8 Representative Larry P Younquoi over the weekend donated 18 bundles of zinc and 25 bags of cement to some citizens of his district. Read

Sunday, 29th March 2015
This is a scene in Zahn Yekeyee over the week-end where I was able to settle the long standing conflict between separate development groups in Zahn Chiefdom. Read

Sunday, 29th March 2015
Patter the meeting, Hon Younquoi made a donation of twelve bundle (12) bundles of zinc donation to an on-going school construction project in Zahn Goolar. Read

Sunday, 29th March 2015
The pavement of road from Monrovia go Guinea border in Ganta has finally hit Ganta. Read

Saturday, 14th March 2015
Nimba County District # 8 Representative Larry P Younquoi has challenged young people of Bong County Electoral District # 4 to remain focused on what they want to achieve for yourselves and their people   Speaking at the induction ceremony of Panta Youth Congress in Forquelleh Town, Representative Younquoi said that my role here today is to give you the assurance that all is not lost, even though sometime things may be tough, but we are getting there. Read

Saturday, 14th March 2015
Nimba County District # 8 Representative Larry Paye Younquoi has catalogued his achievements, which contributed to the restoration of clam at the former Liberia Company or Cocopa in Nimba County. Read

Wednesday, 11th March 2015
Rep Younquoi Reconditions Ancestors' Graves A member of the House of Representatives from Nimba County, Hon Larry Paye Younquoi has constructed and reconditioned the graves of four of his ancestors in Gipo Township, Nimba County in observance of this year’s Decoration Day. Read

Monday, 9th March 2015
Individuals contemplating vying for Nimba County District # 8 Representative seat during the 2017 Presidential and Legislative Election, now have all reasons to abandon their quests   Citizens of the district have vowed publicly to uphold the 2nd term bid of Representative Larry Paye Younquoi, during the 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections. Read

Friday, 6th March 2015
Representative Larry Paye Younquoi and his wife, Annie Younquoi were perhaps the happier couple on Friday, March 6, 2015, when they were honored, gown and certificated by citizens of Nimba County Electoral District # 8 for their contributions to the advancement of the district. Read

Rep. Larry P. Younquoi
Tuesday, 3rd March 2015
The Nimba County District #8 Representative, Larry P Younquoi has underscored the need for the teaching of Braille to be included in the country's educational calendar. Read

Tuesday, 3rd March 2015
SOURCE: MARTIN BLAYON SOURCE: MARTIN BLAYON The Nimba County District #8 Representative, Larry P Younquoi has stressed the urgent need for his colleagues to invest in seed multiplication in their respective counties and constituencies. Read

 Rep. Younquoi has won several accolades both at home and abroad.
Monday, 2nd March 2015
By Alloycious David Community radio stations across Nimba County have honored Electoral District # 8 Representative Larry P. Read

Monday, 2nd March 2015
By Alloycious David It is undisputable that he is a friend of poor farmers across Nimba County Rep Larry Paye Younquoi is currently providing incomes and seeding for thousands of farmers in Electoral District # 8, where he's represent at the National Legislature. Read

Sunday, 1st March 2015
Hundreds of frustrated Nimbaians are now in their fourth day of protest against ArcelorMittal, for what they call failed promises. Read

The Capitol Building
Sunday, 1st March 2015
The House of Representatives has passed an Act which mandates the Executive to complete all appointments in government within three months. Read

Nimba County District #8 Representative, Hon.Larry P. Younquoi
Tuesday, 10th February 2015
After operating in Nimba County district #8 for over 40 years, the Cocopa Rubber Plantation is expected to operate a high school for academic 2015. Read

Monday, 2nd February 2015
The Liberia Crusaders for Peace Without Borders has launched a campaign against stigmatization of Ebola victims or survivors in Small Ganta Community, Nimba County. Read

Sunday, 16th November 2014
-Submits Bill For Enactment, The House of Representatives has received a draft Act seeking an amendment to the 2004 Liberia Rubber Development Authority’s (LRDA) Law of 2004. Read

Saturday, 1st June 2013
Nimba County’s eighth district Rep. Read

Friday, 7th September 2012
Nimba County District # 8 Representative at the 53rd National Legislative, Hon. Read